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The sight of a buck, elk, or moose with a full rack of majestic antlers is one of the most inspiring encounters available in the wilderness. With Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor's beautiful collection of antler artwork, you can bring one of Nature's finest masterpieces into your home.


These elegant, finely crafted pieces are sure to be enjoyed not just by sportsmen and hunting enthusiasts, but all wildlife lovers. Items like the Antler Knife Stand or the Whitetail Antler Centerpiece and Wine Bottle Holder make perfect gifts for any outdoorsman or lodge owner. Bring a touch of the wild to your own home with a beautifully handcrafted basket, such as the Vine Bowl Basket with Antler Handle or the Elk Hunter Willow Basket. More enthusiastic sportsmen can proudly display their passion with a Faux Alaskan Moose Mount or Faux Elk Mount.

Search for our full collection below to find the best antler-themed gifts and artistic accessories.



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Antler Coat Rack with Four Hooks at Rocky Mountain Decor
Was: $399.95
Now: $359.95
Antler Cross
Was: $1,549.95
Now: $1,039.99
Antler Knife Stand
Was: $79.95 - $92.95
Now: $59.95 - $72.95
Faux Alaskan Moose European Mount
Was: $439.95
Now: $359.95
Faux Elk European Mount
Was: $439.95
Now: $324.95
Large 1889 Antler Trophy Plaque at Rocky Mountain Decor
Was: $429.95
Now: $379.95
Leather Wrapped Pole Basket with Antler Handle
Was: $769.95 - $819.95
Now: $479.95 - $529.95
Medium Antler Trophy Plaque at Rocky Mountain Decor
Was: $219.95
Now: $199.95
Stag Handle Cup at Rocky Mountain Decor
Was: $169.95
Now: $139.95

Antler Art

For decorating or renovating the interiors of your home, antler art is one such décor option that will fit the bill perfectly regardless of the décor theme. It is not just about decorating the interiors as much as it is about making your home look attractive with their usage. Antler arts offer beautiful pieces of furniture, lightings, home décor and jewelries. These art pieces are made by artisans in America. Antler arts are basically made from antelopes’ antlers that are found in certain regions of America.

Make your Home Beautiful with Antler Art:

Most us want our house and its décor to stand out from others, but do not know how to accomplish this. Antler art, furniture, lightings, home décor, chandeliers and chairs are just the perfect articles that will give you the look that you want for your home. With these antler products your place will look remarkable and certainly different. Antler art will lend a rustic and exotic feel to your home. Antler art can also be incorporated in your home through paintings and other antler art forms andother showcase pieces.

Moose Antler Art:

 A Moose is a type of deer that is found in north region of America.Moose antler art is actually a wood based art that will enhance the attraction and charm of your art collection. The Moose antler art is found very often in the museums and art galleries. Such art products are available at moderate costs online and off it too in retail stores.

Antler Art Furniture:

Furniture cannot be ignored when it comes to decorating your home. Antler furniture includes benches, tables, chairs, racks, tools and shelves. While the antler racks that offer you to store things easily, antler chairs are provide an easy and comfort seating for your family. Beds can also be are also antler art items that are available and tend to add to the rustic and country charm of the house.

Antler Art Lightings:

Lightings become the major issue when there is no light for your home décor products. Antler art lightings offer chandeliers, wall sconces and lamps. Using these lighting equipments is sure to satisfy the customers. While the positioning of the lighting is important, the antler art is sure to liven up and make your interiors look stylish and at the same time make your home cozy. The Antler lightings look wonderful when used during Christmas.

An Artistic Look with Antler Art Piece for Your Home Décor:

Antler artists create antler art products with creativity and imagination. From a rack to a magazine stand, antlers can be used creatively to build up a number of decorative articles. An antler bottle stand is one such art piece. Each section of the stand is designed in a way that bottles of varying sizes and shapes fit into it comfortably while complementing the overall décor of the home.

 Antler Art for Office Décor:

Antler art is not only for home décor but can also be used in offices as well. The articles in your office should be able to give an executive and classy look. The décor will also give your clients and visitors an idea about your personality and likes. For an animal lover, the antler art elk pen holder can be placed on the table.  A small article but don not undermine the effect it can create in your office. This pen holder is available at a $25 in the market.

Antler Salt and Pepper Shakers:

It the uniqueness of the antler art that makes it so popular among the masses. No two articles made from the antlers are similar. Each has it distinct style and design whether it is a bed, chair or something as small as a salt and pepper shaker. Despite being small and not and outstanding article in your kitchen, the salt and pepper shaker made of antlers has an ability to transform and enhance the look of your kitchen.

Antler Jewelry:

Antler jewelries have become very popular in the recent times. They make beautiful party wear accessories. Antler beam earrings are a type of antler jewelry that is a craze among women. These are not only stylish but are also very economical. Besides these one can also use accessories like antler key chains and antler zipper pulls.

Antler Art offers a wide range of home interior décor products that complete your home perfectly. The price for the products may vary from one model to model. However for a nature lover, the price of these exquisite art pieces should not be a restraint. Antler art décor is definitely worth every penny you put in purchasing it.


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