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Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor boasts a vast selection of exquisite antler chandeliers, making it easy to find the perfect lighted masterpiece for your rustic style home. Bring the elegant spirit of the backwoods into your home with our antler chandeliers, fashioned from real shed antlers or meticulously carved faux antlers. From elegantly simple to impressively elaborate, our antler chandeliers make beautifully crafted lighting trophies for any country home, lodge, or cabin.Illuminate any room with an antler chandelier. 

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Antler Chandelier
Was: $5,829.95
Now: $4,399.95
Elk Antler Chandelier
Was: $5,279.95
Now: $4,399.95
10 Light XL Whitetail Antler Chandelier
Was: $8,995.95
Now: $7,499.95
12 Light Double Tiered Elk Chandelier
Was: $8,579.95
Now: $7,479.95
12 Light Fallow Antler Chandelier
Was: $4,949.95
Now: $4,399.95
12-14 Light XL Mule Deer Antler Chandelier
Was: $4,399.95
Now: $3,959.95
18 Light Elk Antler Majestic Chandelier
Was: $8,799.95
Now: $7,699.95
18 Light Triple Tier Antler Chandelier
Was: $7,919.95
Now: $7,149.95
18 Light Triple Tier Fallow/Elk Oval Antler Chandelier
Was: $17,599.95
Now: $14,299.95
3 Light Harness Billiards Light
Was: $3,079.95
Now: $2,529.95
4 Light Inverted Mule Deer Antler Chandelier
Was: $1,429.95
Now: $1,099.95
4 Light Mule Deer Antler Chandelier
Was: $1,539.95
Now: $1,319.95
6 Light Elongated Fallow Antler Chandelier
Was: $3,299.95
Now: $2,749.95
6 Light Fallow Antler Chandelier
Was: $2,969.95
Now: $2,529.95
8 Light Elk Antler Chandelier
Was: $3,299.95
Now: $2,749.95
8 Light Elongated Fallow Antler Chandelier
Was: $4,729.95
Now: $4,069.95
8 Light Inverted Elk Antler Spider Chandelier
Was: $3,849.95
Now: $3,299.95
8 Light Inverted Elk Chandelier w/Shades
Was: $4,289.95
Now: $3,299.95
8 Light Tall Fallow Antler Chandelier
Was: $4,729.95
Now: $4,179.95
8 Light Wagon Wheel Antler Chandelier
Was: $3,189.95
Now: $2,749.95
8 Light XXL Whitetail/Mule Deer Antler Chandelier
Was: $8,579.95
Now: $7,479.95
Fallow Deer Chandelier
Was: $5,279.95
Now: $4,399.95
Divide Mule Deer Antler Chandelier
Was: $1,869.95
Now: $1,249.95
Double Tiered Mule Deer Chandelier
Was: $8,799.95
Now: $7,699.95
Elk Horn Grand Chandelier by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $17,049.95
Now: $14,849.95
Faux Elk 12 Antler Chandelier
Was: $2,199.95
Now: $1,889.95
Faux Elk 18 Antler Chandelier
Was: $3,949.95
Now: $3,399.95
Faux Elk Nine Antler Chandelier
$1,694.95 - $1,749.95
Faux Elk Six Antler Chandelier
Was: $1,649.95
Now: $1,449.95
Faux Elk Six Antler Down-Light Chandelier
Was: $2,199.95
Now: $1,676.95
Faux Moose Four Antler Chandelier
Was: $989.95
Now: $779.95
Faux Moose Six Antler Chandelier
$1,299.95 - $1,379.95
Faux Moose Ten Antler Chandelier with Down Light
Was: $1,869.95
Now: $1,649.95
Faux Whitetail 12 Antler Chandelier
$539.95 - $599.95
Faux Whitetail 24 Antler Chandelier
$1,424.95 - $1,484.95
Faux Whitetail 30 Antler Chandelier
$1,769.95 - $1,824.95
Faux Whitetail 9 Antler Chandelier
$479.95 - $539.95
Klamath Antler Chandelier
$1,399.95 - $2,599.95
Mt Mazama Moose Antler Chandelier
Was: $8,029.95
Now: $6,349.95
Mt. Pitt Mule and Blacktail Antler Chandelier
Was: $3,629.95
Now: $2,599.95
Natural Antler and Bronze Chandelier at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$12,498.95 - $17,498.95
Pioneer Mule Deer Antler Chandelier
Was: $2,529.95
Now: $1,849.95
Single Light Elk Bar Lamp
Was: $2,199.95
Now: $1,759.95
Umpqua Mule Deer Antler Chandelier
$2,899.95 - $3,199.95
Willamette Elk Antler Chandelier
$4,499.95 - $8,499.95

Buying Antler Chandeliers Guide

Antler chandeliers are used for providing luxurious lighting to our home. Generally they are made of glass and crystals. The chandeliers can also be made of wood and other metals. If the ambiance of a room has to be improved then proper illumination can be used. Antlers are one of the materials used in making chandeliers. These are popular due to their rustic nature and unique designs.  If you want to give your home a country type look with elegance then antler chandelier is a perfect choice.

Antler Chandeliers are made in two types. They can be either natural made from the naturally shed antlers of the deer, whitetail or mule or handcrafted. The handcrafted or the artificial antler chandelier is made by using resins to give it a look of a real antler. While the handcrafted antler chandeliers might not provide the majestic look of that of the natural antler chandeliers, they are definitely quite rustic to add a distinctive raw appeal to your home décor.

Why Antler Chandeliers?

Antlers are purely legal to use. Since they are shed off naturally, their usage does not come under animal harassment. They provide a natural and rustic look when used in your living room, dining room or perhaps the hallway where they look royal and classy. Antler chandeliers can fit into any type of rooms with very few improvements.  Antlers are flexible in designing your own customized chandeliers. Antlers are durable and have a long life. They are easy to maintain and clean. Painting and polishing these chandeliers enhances their look and life.

Quality of Antlers

Quality is important for any product to thrive in the market. Hence antlers are also available in the market with different grades of quality. The antlers which are collected as soon as they are shed off are of good quality. These antlers are dark in color and heavy in weight when compared to other grades of antlers. Antlers which are collected after they are exposed to forces of nature like sun ad rain are of relatively lower quality. They are light in color and have less weight. Use of good quality antlers is recommended even though they are expensive than others.

Points to Remember While Buying Antler Chandeliers

While buying an antler chandelier, it is better to keep the following points in mind.

·         Go through the room which you are going to fix the chandelier.  It gives you a better idea of your requirements. If the room is large enough then the chandelier had to be big one to provide proper lighting in the room.

·         A chandelier made of antlers with good quality will be of heavy weight. This is a simple point in determining the quality of the chandelier.

·         A chandelier with good and unique design can give a new look to the room. Hence put emphasis on an antler chandelier with innovative design.

·         There are different types of bulbs used in the chandelier. You can use specific types of bulbs based on the light they provide in the room.

·         Wiring done for electrical connections in the antler chandelier is an important area to concentrate. The wiring line had to pass through the antler branches and should be invincible from outside. Check whether the wiring is seen outside or not.

·         A hub is provided in the chandelier to connect all the wires. But this is not a good method because the hub will be visible from outside. Hence the wires should be connected from different parts of the antler branches.

·         A chain would be given for hanging the antler chandelier in the room. Care should be taken that the chain is strong enough to hold the chandelier.

Additional Aspects

The usage of antler chandelier revolves around several factors. The factors are area where the home is located, size of the room and extra furnishing in the room. If the home is located in country side then antler chandelier suits the environment best. If the size of room is small or big then antler chandelier had to suit the room. Since antler is available in nature try to have some wooden furniture and hunting trophies in your room.

Antler chandeliers are suitable for all homes and with extra care on them; you can have a good chandelier for your home.

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