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Get the finest in antler decor with Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor's collection of faux and shed antler items. Our wide selection of  antler art, antler furniture, and more will bring an elegant touch of the wild to your home. Avid sportsmen and casual nature lovers alike will find something to love in our wide collection of antler decor, accessories, artwork, and gifts. Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor's selection of faux reproductions and real shed antler products make it easy to give your home an air of wilderness mystique.

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Our collection is full of elegant, finely crafted items for every corner of your lodge or home. Look through our antler mirrors or antler lighting to find the perfect rustic highlight for any room of your home, cabin, or lodge. To maintain a distinct wilderness atmosphere throughout your home, search through our antler flatware and kitchen accessories, antler fireplace tools, and antler bathroom accessories. Our antler art, antler cribbage boards, antler coat racks, and faux antlers are perfect feature items for any rustic home, along with making great gifts. All true sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts will love our antler desk accessories, antler candle holders, and antler drawer pulls. For the truly die-hard wildlife lover, we also carry a variety of exquisite, expertly crafted antler mounts.


Every piece in our antler decor family is produced with the highest level of care and attention to detail. Make our antler products the central theme of your lodge or cabin, or use them as elegantly discreet accessories for your rustic decor or lodge decor.  With their fine level of craftwork and discounted prices, you can be proud to make these antler decor items your own personal trophies.

Antler décor brings the wilderness into your home. Whether you're looking for something small or want antlers to be the center of attention, we have a wide variety of items featuring antlers that will turn your home into something wild and wonderful. Turn any room in your home into a lodge. We carry antler décor for your foyer, game room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. For the kitchen, we carry antler flatware, mug racks, salt and pepper shakers, antler carving boards and more. To set the ambiance, we suggest using our antler candle holders that hold tall candles as well as tea lights.

Many families tend to spend a lot of time in their living room or den.  Add hints of rural sophistication with small details like drawer pulls, an antler lamp or a fireplace tool set. Bigger pieces like antler coffee tables, ottomans, beds and barstools make bold statements while still keeping your room’s atmosphere classically country.   

A Buying Guide to Antler Decor


If you are one such person who absolutely loves being outdoors and cannot seem to get enough it indoors, don’t worry. If you are always looking for ways to bring the outdoors into your house but somehow, the result always seems to fall short of the effort, even then don’t worry. For now you have help at hand. Themed decors make it possible to recreate the things you love in every room of your home. Antler décor is one such theme that is extremely popular. This décor provides almost everything needed to furnish and decorate a home; all of them made of real or artificial antlers. Antler décor comes in earthy colors, mostly shades of brown. This creates a sober, classy effect on the room. What more do you want to create the rustic décor?

Antler Furniture


A house may do without many things but not furniture. And furniture largely contributes to the look of a house. Furniture is crafted out of the antlers of many animals like moose, elk, deer and sometimes even cow horns. To an outdoor person, owning furniture made out of these horns would be nothing short of joy. Tables, chairs, coffee tables, stools, beds, almost every piece of furniture imaginable is skillfully produced from antler horns. They look formidably impressive and will catch the attention of everyone who sets foot in your house.


Antler Lighting


One cannot deny that lighting is one of the most important aspect of decorating a house. If the lighting is inappropriate or is in a wrong place, no matter what the rest of the house may contain, the effect will never be great. Antler lighting is unusual in its own way and has special charm to it. You can get lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, all made out of antlers. Every time you look at these lights, you get the feeling of being connected with nature. Chandeliers are very creatively made out antlers. You can get a chandelier based on how big your room is and how high the ceiling is. Tiered chandeliers are best suited for big rooms and high ceilings as they will not overpower the look of the room. Using soft lights that complement the room will add to the rustic feel and complete the look perfectly.  An antler chandelier does this perfectly.


Antler House Décor


Major pieces of furniture aside, every house has multiple other small pieces. Coat racks, mirrors, magazine stands and other decorative items that add to the look of a place. Antler décor has invaded this part of the business as well. You can now buy antler themed almost everything. Mirrors with the edges covered in antlers, magazine racks with antlers creating separate sections, coat racks where you can hang your coats on the antlers. Even items like candle holders are made out of antlers and other decorative show pieces for the house.


Antlers in your Kitchen


Yes, that's right. Cutlery and other kitchen appliances are also available in antlers, taking the theme to an altogether new level. Spoons and forks and almost all other kitchen gadgets and ladles with antler handles are available for your kitchen. You can even have bottle racks and plate racks made of antlers. Fruit baskets made of antlers are also very interesting pieces to have in your kitchen. A useful tip while buying antler themed items for the kitchen: buy pieces that have blunt edges so that there is no danger of anybody hurting themselves on the sharp edges.


Antler Accessories for the Rest of the House


If you are truly a fan of antler accessories, you can choose to mark every room of your house with your obsession. You can cover your desk with antler accessories like pen stands made of antlers, even pens made of antlers, knife holders, paper openers, and many other desktop items. Even your bathroom need not be spared. The lights in your bathroom can be antler lamps, the taps made of antlers, even antler towel holders.


You can go in for real antler accessories or artificial ones, depending on the size of your budget. Real antlers are trickier to deal with so they will cost more than artificial antlers. The effect also differs, naturally, but there may not be too much of a difference between the effect created by either of the two. For those who are not big fans of flashy décor and like it simple and rustic, antler décor will be ideal. Especially for those inclined towards wilderness and sports. It is subtle, sober and classy at the same time. 

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