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lluminate your lodge or cabin with Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor's beautiful collection of antler lighting. Crafted with real shed antlers or handmade faux antlers, each piece will serve as a distinctive, one-of-a-kind highlight for your home. Our antler lighting, including antler chandeliers, antler lamps, antler sconces, and antler floor lamps will bring a lovely rustic glow to every corner of your house.

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Rocky Mountain Décor's collection of antler lighting products can help give your lodge or cabin an authentic rustic glow. Each of these magnificent pieces is crafted with real shed antlers or handmade faux antlers that will be sure to impress. This beautiful collection of antler lighting is sure to illuminate your home or cottage.

Rocky Mountain Décor carries a wide variety of antler lighting for every room in your rustic home, lodge, cabin or cottage.  If you are looking for a statement piece, we have a variety of antler chandeliers. An antler chandelier is a really powerful way to improve the rustic ambiance of your home. For something a bit more complementary, we have a vast assortment of antler lamps and antler sconces. These will give your home that genuine countryside feeling. In addition, we have several antler floor lamps that will help create an authentic rustic aura for any room in your home. 

If you are looking to really give your cottage, cabin, lodge, or rustic home a makeover or upgrade, all of our antler lighting options will be sure to suit your wants and needs.

This is a great way to give your living room, bedroom, or kitchen with that genuine rocky mountain atmosphere. Please enjoy browsing our collection of antler chandeliers below.


Buying Guide - Antler Lighting

The general perception among people is that furniture defines the design or décor theme of a home. While this holds good to a certain extent, furniture pieces are not the only elements that describe the decoration of a house. There is no doubt that the furniture of a home is a very important aspect in its decoration, but there are certain other things too that are to be considered to make the house look and feel the way you want it to. The lighting and the various lighting fixtures you use also play a very important role in defining the look of your home. Just as the furniture of the house makes it look complete, the right lighting will help in getting sophistication and style to your home decor. Hence, it is important to be careful while selecting the kind of lighting you need.

There are various décor themes for home to suit different tastes and preferences. You might want to go rustic or choose a modern theme for your home décor. To compliment each décor theme, you must appropriately choose the home lighting fixtures. Among all, the antler lighting is one of the best lighting solutions that you can choose of you are planning to go rustic with your home decor. Antler has very unique and very elegant styles of lighting that can hardly be found anywhere. There are different kinds of lighting solutions such as the ceiling lights, the antler chandeliers, the table lights, antler pool table lights, wall scones, antler vanity lighting, antler floor lamps and lamp shades. All these different forms of lighting come from various collections of antler theme of lighting solutions and are purely enriching.

The Things you Should Know When you Buy Antler Lights

When you choose antler as your décor theme, there is no need that you give a second thought on it. But, there are certain things that you should take into consideration when looking for the best lighting of antler theme home décor.

A proper planning: Planning is one of the important aspects that one should consider to bring sophistication in the home decor. When you are looking to buy very good lighting for your home, then ensure that you count in all the factors such as the purpose of buying the light, the location where you will like to place the light and also the theme of the room you are using the light for. This will help you in selecting the right kind of light for the right place.

The budgeting: When you plan the décor of a room or any place, the budget is a very important aspect you should consider. This is because there are many other things in the room you will need to spend on other than the lighting fixtures. Fixing a budget on each of the assets required will help you in selecting a nominally priced lighting for your room.

The fixtures of the lighting: Another important thing you should think about is the fixtures of the lighting. This is because not all kind of lighting suits everywhere. Ensure that the light you are looking for has various fixtures options, so that if the light does not suit your room accordingly, you can amend its fixtures and tend to make it suitable for the room.

Where to Buy the Antler Lighting

When you have decided all about how to select a good lighting depending upon the aspects such as the theme of the home décor, the kind of light, the budget and the fixtures of the light, the next thing you should look at is where to buy the light. There are precisely two sources where you can get the light from.

The online purchase of the antler lighting: There are many sites that deal in the sale of very sophisticated styles of antler lighting. Buying antler lighting online is much more advantageous than buying the lighting equipment of the antler from the market. When looking for the antler lighting for styling your home online, you not only save efforts of walking to the market, but also save a lot of your time. Another advantage is that you will find a variety of collections online of the antler lighting, which is rarely possible in the market shopping for the antler theme lighting. Buying antler lighting also helps in getting a detailed info about the lighting and even pictures of the product sometimes will help you imagining the product in your room.

Purchasing the antler lighting from the market: The antler theme décor is surely a known theme, but there are some collections that are very rare to be seen. These are only available in very sophisticated galleries that sell different kinds of lighting for the home or other place décor. 

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