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The bear stands as one of the most imposing, yet beloved, creatures of the American wilderness. Express your love for these regal animals with our vast collection of bear decor. Turn any room of your house into a real bear den with our bear bedding, bear furniture, and bear wall decor. Complete the look with our bear decorative accessories, bear lamps & lights, and bear signs. Find the perfect gift for all the cabin-dwellers and wildlife lovers in your life from our collections of bear art and bear prints.

The bear has long been a favorite image in cabin decor and rustic home design. Welcome this elegant creature into your own life with the help of Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor's complete bear decor collection.

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Beautiful Bear Decor, Gifts & Home Accessories

Bring the majesty of the bear home with our impressive selection of bear decor, art, home accessories, and more. From bear-themed rugsto window coverings, we have what you need to make your house a real bear haven.



The bear is one of the most majestic and fierce creatures to walk on this planet. It is also, however, the inspiration behind one of the most popular toys ever made: the stuffed teddy bear. A versatile animal, if there ever was one to be. It is natural then, that the design industry should create bear décor for those lovers of the ursine. Think cabins or ranches and mountains and wilderness and bear themed décor comes to mind almost immediately. From majestic looking furniture to cute little wall hangings or children's accessories, bears feature on many rustic décor items.

Bear Bedding

Talk about bears and the first thing that comes to mind are the cuddly cute teddy bears. For kids and even for adults, who love the cozy and huggable love bears, bear bedding is sure to bring a smile on their faces. Bear bedding is usually made of warm, soft material like wool. So somebody who loves bears and also loves bedding can go in for bear themed blankets or sheets or pillows or all of them. Like every other kind of bedding, these too come in all shapes and sizes. They even come in sets.


Bear carpets and rugs also bring a natural feel to a place. Different sized rugs are available for different rooms and places. Buying rugs that are darker in color is a good idea because it gives a rustic feel and also goes with almost all kinds of surroundings.


Bear Furniture

Furniture with bear themes is very common in cabins and ranches where the rustic, wild look is preferred. There is plenty of choice when it comes to chairs, tables and beds with bear designs. These designs usually incorporate shapes of bears and trees. Forest scenes are also included in furniture sometimes, depending on the amount of space available for the design. Cushions or upholstery also can also have bear designs and prints on them. Bear furniture includes chairs, tables, coffee tables, sofa sets, armchairs, footstools, footrests and beds.


Bear Décor and Bear Art

Once you have taken care of the major part of designing your house, you next turn to the details. Those small decorative pieces, those wall hangings, desk accessories et al. Give your home a very rustic look by getting bear accessories and art pieces to do up your home. You can get bear wall hangings to make your walls look like they came right out of a forest. Bear photo frames that capture those hiking pictures are a great idea too. Even desk accessories like bear paper weights and pen stands add to the overall look of your place. Bear notebooks can be added to your books on the desk. You can place different bear signs in and outside you house. Signs like “Welcome” can be placed above your door. Just to give people an idea of what to expect inside.


Bears in the Rooms

Every room can be infused with rustic bear themed décor. Your kitchen can be filled with bear appliances. Bear salt and pepper shakers, bear baskets to keep the fruits in, bear racks for the plates and bear spoon and fork holders. You can even have a bear vase to keep your flowers in. not just in the kitchen but in any other room as well. Another great rustic piece to add to your house is a bear coat rack. They come in multiple lengths and designs.


Bear Lights

Light up your house the ursine way. If you truly love wilderness and would like to bring the beauty of it indoors, go in for rustic bear lights. Bear lamps for your tables, bear chandeliers, bear wall sconces, whatever catches your fancy. Choosing the right kind of lighting will add to the whole effect of nature and wildlife.


Once you've decided to go in for bear décor, there is absolutely nothing you cannot find in bear designs. You can even get bear figurines for the shelves and showcases. And if you really are a bear buff, you can even go in for bear key chains. Your imagination and obsession is really the only limit. You may even get bear bags and purses. Bear curtain rods made of wrought iron are amazing as well. It does not get more rustic than this. Not just candle stands but even candles come in bear themes. For the bookworm in you, indulge your passion with a bear bookend. With a décor like this, you will truly feel like you are living in the wilderness, surrounded by your favorite animal.

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