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Whether you love the sportsman's hunt or simply photographing America's wonderful species of migrating waterfowl, upland game and songbirds, our beautiful bird decor is the perfect expression of your passion.

Whether you're a birdwatcher, hunter, or wildlife photographer, your love for our fine feathered feathered friends runs deep. You can bring their soaring spirit and delightful nature to your lodge with beautiful bird decorations, collectibles, gifts and home furnishings from Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor. Turn any room into a beautiful bird haven with our vast selection of bird bathroom accessories, bird bedding, bird lamps & lights, bird kitchen & dining, and bird furniture. You'll also find a broad collection of bird wall decor, bird signs, and bird rugs to add a warm, welcoming touch. Our bird art, duck decoys, bird desk accessories, and bird decorative accessories  will give your style an extra boost, while also serving as great gifts.  Top it all off with one of our fine bird weather vanes, and your home will be a true aviary that bird-lovers and guests will be sure to admire.

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You do not have to be an ornithologist to love birds. Looking at birds flying in the sky against the red background of the sun is enough to bring a smile to anyone's face. Birds bring joy and happiness with their constant chirping and their vibrant plumages. Anything that is inspired by birds tends to be bright and colorful. Same goes for décor. Bird décor means a myriad colors, bright hues, and cute little bird accessories. Bird décor could very well be a favorite among kids and adults alike. Kids will love bird décor as they are attracted to movement and color. With the variety of birds in various shades and colors, there is no end to what one can do with bird décor. Bird décor offers one the scope to experiment with and mix and match the décor. You can't really get things wrong when you're working with bird décor.


Bird décor may not be perfectly rustic or perfectly modern. It is rather an interesting blend of the two. The shades and hues contribute to the very contemporary look while the material that bird décor uses can be rustic. Traditional rustic materials like iron and wood or copper and brass can be used. This balances out the modernity of the rest of the décor. While one may go in for a specific décor sticking to one single type of bird, one can always throw in any bird that catches one's interest and create a mixed look.


Birds for the Kids


When you are deciding on a décor for the house, it is important to consider the kids rooms as well. Bird décor is just perfect. Choose a color that the kids like. Whatever décor you choose for the room, it  must complement the color of the room. This might be simpler to decide if the kids have a particular bird in mind that they want the theme to be centered around. If they do not, one great idea is to get a neutral wall color like white. White or cream colored walls open up the options. Since bird décor will be extremely colorful, they will look amazing in contrast to the plain walls.


Once you have the colors in place, you just have to get the décor and start decorating. You can place cute little bird clocks on the wall. You can also keep a small bird lamp on the writing table. The lamp can have a small bird house on it. You can even get bird themed bedding – blankets, sheets, pillows, and the whole deal. You can frame the memories of their little achievements in bird photo frames. If your kids really love birds, then instead of leaving the walls white, one of the walls can have a huge wallpaper of birds on trees.


For the Rest of the House


Bird décor is not only classy but will also bring your house to life with its chirping. There cannot be a bird décor without a classic bird cage. This is where you can really bring in that rustic fee, if you wish to. Get an elaborate bird cage made of wrought iron or other old looking metal. Other bird accessories can be made out of the metals or even wood. Getting wood bird accessories will make it seem more real. If you have a garden, indulge in a bird bath. Get bird wall hangings for the rooms and even bathrooms! Painting of birds, which are framed, will be perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. Another great option is paintings done on canvas and framed onto a wooden plank. These look wonderful and go beautifully on plain walls.


You can go in for lights with shapes and designs of birds. Lamps and chandeliers can really add to the brightness of the whole place. Décor need not be restricted to the decorative aspects of the house. Bird themed furniture, rugs and carpets will only increase the overall effect. Brass or silver figurines of birds on tables and in bookshelves may not be very obvious but every detail only enhances the décor. Mirrors made of metals and designed with birds will give a very ancient, rustic look especially if the metal looks aged. You can include bird décor in other areas of the house as well like on towel hangers, curtain rods, drawers, pen stands, the like.


This is a really fun décor to choose. If you do go for the bird décor, do not hesitate to experiment and let your imagination fly.


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