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A home just isn’t a home without Man’s Best Friend. Show your pet, friends and family how much you appreciate and love dogs, large or small, by adorning your home, sportsman’s lodge or back yard with quality crafted dog decor from Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor.

You know your pet will be there when you need him the most. Even when he’s not there, you can stay reminded of your best friend by surrounding yourself with wonderfully artistic dog decor and dog accessories. Our dog decor collection features the finest in dog furnishings, dog bathroom decor, and doge prints, to help you create an elegant canine-inspired look in any room. We have all the items you're looking for, from dog bedding to bookends, dog rugs to wall prints, all with the same spirit of fun and joy that you love in your pet. Our dog decor items also make perfect gifts for any dog lover. You don't have to be afraid of letting your house go to the dogs with Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor; with our dog decor, the result will always be style and beauty. 

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How to Style your Home with Dog Decor

 If one wants to add a touch of masculinity and rustic feel to one’s abode, decking up the house with dog decor is a good option. Dog lovers can add spunk and at the same time a homely feel to their abode by opting for a dog decor. Dogs are adorable creatures with droopy ears and cute eyes. Dog decor is a best option for all those who find these cute creatures adorable and want to incorporate them in their lifestyle and avoid messy fur at the same time. The incorporation of dog decor is stylish too as it stands out in comparison to other regular designs and patterns.

 Dog decors for few can be whimsical. Or it can be a serious work of art depending on the perspective of the individual. This decor finds itself at ease with any decor theme, be it rustic, contemporary or modern, a dog decor complements everything beautifully.


PILLOW COVERS: pillow covers with dog prints or embroidery looks cute in a bedroom. It adds a homely feeling and gives a subtle touch to the interiors. Pillow covers with dog impressions can go with every fabric irrespective of design and patterns. Pillow covers are the best way of incorporating dog decor in bedrooms if one wants to add a masculine touch to the room. It would also look good on the family sofa for snuggling while watching television or cuddling into it for a nap.Dog pillows in the living room sofa is a fabulous way to add spunk to the room.

DOG PAINTINGS: Dog paintings add a dash of colour and warmth to a living room.  Hanging dog paintings on the walls of a cosy den is an ideal way of lightning up the room, at the same time giving it a warm touch. Dog paintings are an ideal way of incorporating dog decor in dog lover’s lifestyle. Dog paintings complement well with warm earthy tones on curtains and sofas. Dog paintings in kids den also adds colour to the room. Funky dog paintings complement well with the vibrant colours of kid’s room. Dog paintings encourage children to love animals.

DOG SILHOUETTE: For those who adore dogs, incorporating dog’s silhouette with family pictures is an ideal way of showing appreciation for these cute creatures. Placing dog silhouette along with the family on the walls or above the mantle is sure to impress any dog lover who visits your home. It is an ideal way of reflecting love for one’s pet by considering them as a part of the family. Dog silhouette can also be placed on the book shelves or on the cabinet with other display items to add spunk to an abode.

DOG STATUE: Dog statue in every colour brightens up the atmosphere of the room. A white dog statue in a black and white themed bedroom or living room does wonders by lightening up the look of the room. It can be placed on a stool by the sofa, under the stairs, on the mantle, beside the entrance door or on the mantle along with other display items. Dog statues complement with all other pieces of furniture beautifully and makes your home warm and cosy.

DOG FABRIC PATTERNS: Dog decor in the form of fabric patterns can be subtle. Pillows with dog patterns along with other pillow patterns look good on a sofa or a couch. Dog fabrics can be used for curtains, pillow covers or sofa covers. Too many fabrics with dog patterns in one room can make your room look cluttered and the effect of the decor loses its special touch. Hence, Complement it with other fabrics to maintain a balanced look in the room.

DOG LAMPS: lamps with stands in a shape of dogs would look classical in any living area. A dog lamp on the bedside table is also a good idea to add a warm and at the same time spunky look to the room. Lamp shades with dog prints on the kids study table would look funky and cute. Dog decor in the form of dog lamps can be incorporated in every lifestyle irrespective of the theme of the room. It is a classical piece of accessory at the same time a necessary one too.

KITCHEN ACCESSORIES: dog decor can also be incorporated in the kitchen by placing kitchen accessories in the shape, design or patterns of dogs. A serving tray in the shape of dog on a dining table would add zing to the kitchen atmosphere. Other kitchen accessories that can be used as dog decor are bottle openers in the shape of dogs, candle holders, paper towel holder, toothpick holder, aprons, water bottles and many more.

RUGS: A rug depicting dog designs and patterns not only adds spunk put also a modern look to the living area. Dog rugs can be placed anywhere, be it bedroom, living area, kids room, or kitchen. It complements beautifully in all the rooms. Dog rugs are different from regular rugs and add a unique touch.

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