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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor's complete department of lodge decor. This is where you'll find all the best decorative solutions for your hunting, mountain, or ski lodge. You'll be amazed by the broad selections and exquisite collections of accessories, artwork, and knick-knacks to accompany your fine rustic furnishings and lodge bedding. Have a blast shopping for the right lodge rugs, lodge table decor, lodge fireplace accessories, lodge window coverings, and more to complete your rugged home styling. We offer a great selection of lodge bedding and lodge bathroom accessories, and all the lodge lighting solutions you need to illuminate your wonderful outdoor style. Our lodge decor items also make great gifts for any lodge-dweller or wilderness lover. 

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A Guide to Buying Lodge Décor

To make an escape into the nature’s lap without compromising on the comfort and sophistication of the advanced life we are leading is every man’s dream. But little do we realize how easy it is to make this dream come true. The casual comfort of the country style life is at odds with our fast and tech savvy lifestyle. One would gladly exchange the former for the latter. But of course, living with nature in no way implies that one has to relegate one’s living standaSaverds. You can have all the luxuries of the contemporary times even as you feel the warmth of the wood and the unity with nature. All you need to do is give your rustic wooden house a touch of creativity without worrying much about your pocket.

Living and decorating cabins has come up in a big way, particularly in the recent times. One can see the diversity in the occupants of these homes just as the way in which they decorate them. There is no hard and fast rule to be followed while decorating your lodge. Anything from antiques to contemporary furniture makes themselves at home with considerable ease.

Wood is your Basic Tool However, Not an Essential

Lodge décor essentially involves extensive use of wood to complement the cabin’s natural feel. As the entire structure is made of wood, one can see, touch and even smell wood when one enters the house. Hence, using wooden artifacts and decorative items wherever possible is very much logical. Nevertheless, it is to be remembered that this is not a rule.

In contemporary era, metal and wood match each other very well. Metals with matte finish particularly, are being used with wood in these homes. The warmth of wood and the cool of metals add a spice to these wooden homes. From railing, faucets, kitchen counter-tops, vaulted-ceilings, lamps and others, metallic decorative items are increasingly making their presence felt in the homes where once, wood ruled.

Blue Ridge Hickory Bunk Bed

Select a Theme

It is always better to start your decoration after one has zeroed on a particular theme which may vary from rustic, to wildlife, fishing, hunting and the like. Doing this enables one to have an idea of the decorative items one wants to purchase keeping in mind the decided theme.

If one is confident of his/her interior decoration ability then experimenting with the theme, using a mix and match of a couple of themes (a different theme for each rooms) is an idea worth considering.

Color Coordination

Another important aspect that has to be focused on is the color. In fact, the colors to be used in the lodge have to be in consonance with the theme. For instance natural muted colors blend well with wooden rustic theme. However, sometimes, seeing the varying shade of browns may become monotonous for the occupant. Hence, he can experiment with a little color too. Getting a drywall fixed as a canvas on which colors can be thrown to give the room a livelier and vibrant look is a novel idea to bring color to your home decor. 

Concentrate on the Detailing

It is advisable to start the decoration with small individual elements such as fireplace, mantle, or perhaps the smallest room in the house. This will give you the first hand knowledge of how the entire house will look once the various decorative elements have been put up or worked up on. This is especially helpful for persons who have a not been able to decide on the overall theme or any of its elements. If one finds anything out of place then the entire procedure can be revised.


The Right Lighting

Lighting is yet another very important factor that must be kept in mind while decorating your lodge. Considering the fact that your home is not ordinary, the lights and light fixtures in your home shouldn’t be ordinary either. Lights set and enhance the ambience and mood of your home. Antler, cedar log and birch bark canoe chandelier work just as well as pine cone wall sconces and twig wall lamps and rustic table lamps when worked round the theme. While focusing on the interior lighting of the lodge, it is equally important to take into account fixtures for outdoor lighting as well.

Fireplace – the Options Available

Fireplace is the most noticeable area and hence, the most important area of your home--the mantle and the hearth more so. Hence it is very important to select wood that goes with the overall look of the house and at the same time is of a good quality too. Though designing a stone fireplace, which enhances the lodge’s rustic effect, involves certain technicalities, one can definitely let his/her imagination run while designing the rest of the fireplace.

Accessories are Important, Too

While purchasing decorative items like, lamps, rugs, pillows, cushions, clocks, picture frames and the like, online it is advisable to do a thorough research of the website and the dealer one is dealing with.

While buying furniture for the house it is important for one to look for quality rather than price. A dining set of poor quality will soon have problems like creaking chairs or shaky table. This leads to disappointment and wastage of money.

For lodge style cabins one rule applies ‘bigger is better’. Keeping this in mind you should shop for the décor of your home and make it cozy and comfortable.



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