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Wood Coasters, set of 6
Was: $109.95
Now: $64.95
Rocky Mountain Clip Cup
Was: $109.95
Now: $54.95
Rocky Mountain Canister
Was: $129.95
Now: $89.95

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You've already set yourself apart from the crowd with your passion for an outdoor lifestyle and fine rustic home furnishings. Take another step outside the traditional furniture box and incorporate some unique seating into your home design with a beautiful selection of log benches. Using natural log benches and hickory or cider wood benches in place of chairs in your furnishing plans can make a wonderful statement about your rustic taste. Artfully crafted log benches used indoors or outdoors make a perfect complement to your rustic decor as well as to the natural beauty of nature. These expertly crafted hickroy, pine, and cedar log bench designs serve as beautifully functional dining table benches or kitchen bench seats, especially for long tables and large families. Our rustic log bench styles come in split and half log bench designs as well as unique teak models.

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Alpine Bench by Groovystuff
Was: $879.95
Now: $729.95
Alpine Circuit Bench by Groovystuff
Was: $729.95
Now: $579.95
Arapaho Bench
Was: $1,649.95
Now: $1,259.95
Badland Root Bench
Was: $2,199.95
Now: $1,649.95
Bench with Lid
Was: $1,109.95
Now: $1,049.95
$207.95 - $319.95
$447.95 - $639.95
Coat Rack Bench by Flat Rock Furniture at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $2,749.95
Now: $2,199.95
Was: $1,489.00
Now: $1,209.00
Was: $1,769.00
Now: $1,439.00
Deschutes Bench
Was: $1,429.95
Now: $1,059.95
Fire Pit Circuit Bench
Was: $529.95
Now: $429.95
Hickory Bench with Espresso Seat - 60
Was: $1,169.00
Now: $948.95
Hickory Bench with Hickory Seat - 48
Was: $1,009.00
Now: $818.95
Hickory Bench with Hickory Seat - 60
Was: $1,169.00
Now: $948.95
Hickory, Oak and Cane Lean back Settee
Was: $1,299.95
Now: $1,099.95
Leather Camp Bench by Flat Rock at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $3,299.95
Now: $2,749.95
Rocky Mountain Garden Bench
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $859.95
Rocky Mountain Love Seat
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $799.95
Was: $1,999.95
Now: $1,699.95
Was: $2,699.95
Now: $2,299.95
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