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Deer 57 Burnished Metal Wall Art
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The right piece of fine rustic art will put the stamp of approval in your rustic-style home, and add a touch of culture and sophistication to any lodge or rustic log cabin. Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor has the best collection of quality cabin art, rustic tapestries and pictures, elegant lodge art, ruggedly handsome western art, and exquisite wildlife art available on the web today. No western ranch, log cabin, or mountain lodge is complete without the perfect selection of fine rustic artwork, ruggedly handsome western rustic metal wall art, or beautiful wildlife rustic framed prints.

True quality rustic art, lodge art, wildlife art and cabin art is what defines the difference between a common log cabin and a finely furnished rustic mountain retreat. Our rustic art collection features marvelous wildlife sculptures and statues, duck decoys, wall tapestries, stained glass window designs, rustic signs, and metal wall art, all from some of the finest rustic artists and art suppliers in America, including Mill Creek Studios, Big Sky Carvers, R.A. Guthrie, Meyda Tiffany and many more.

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Abstract Thinker - L
Was: $489.95
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Antares on Stand - Large - Natural
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Antares on the Wall - Small - White
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Cowboy Hat - S
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Groovy Metal Art Peace Sign
Was: $199.95
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Hinged Horse on Stand - S
Was: $129.95 - $199.95
Now: $89.95 - $159.95
Steam Punk Barrel Mirror
Was: $399.95
Now: $309.95
Wood Motorcycle - S
Was: $109.95 - $434.95
Now: $64.95 - $389.95


Rustic Art for Chic Lodge Style

Rustic art, cabin art and wildlife-themed artworks add character to any lodge style home or log cabin. Shop our collection or rustic art and craftwork, and you'll be wishing you had a bigger home to display all of it in!


A Buying Guide to Rustic Art

Rustic art refers to any product or idea, created by taking inspiration from nature. Rustic art products have a unique earthy appearance and old, natural feel to them. Animal motifs, natural fibers and  earthy colors are some of the things that lend inspiration to this kind of art. Wood, old metal, antique findings and salvaged ruins are some of the things that rustic art could incorporate. Though rustic art was founded in America during the time of the establishment of the National Park Service, it soon spread to many places across the world. Since it draws inspiration from local nature, atmosphere,climate and culture, it obviously differs from region to region.  In America, rustic art is influenced by the predominant Native American culture and the cowboy culture.

Rustic art has gained popularity in recent years. It is being used on furniture, furnishings, light fixtures and even upholstery and linen.  Remodeling your house with a rustic decor in mind is quite a challenge. However, once achieved, the result is well worth the effort, time and money spent.

Here are a few advantages of investing in rustic art.

·         The use of rustic art in a room exudes a feeling of warmth and coziness into the atmosphere.

·         There is a unique charm to antiques and old accessories that rustic art brings to life.

·         One of its biggest advantages is that most of the colors that this form of art incorporates are eco-friendly. It involves the use of earthy  shades like browns, dark reds and greens.

·         It is ideal for nature lovers who want to bring the outdoors into their homes.

·         Rustic art gives one scope to experiment and innovate with the decor of a room.

·         It helps preserve age-old ideas and natural splendor. It also carries on legacies of a region's culture and holds strong historical relevance. Rustic art possesses the unique ability to transport one back in time, where this art was first invented. It speaks a language of its own.

As mentioned earlier, rustic art is being incorporated in the designs of many products today. These products are manufactured for every room. Once used in a living space, they make for great additions to decor.

Rustic art is commonly incorporated in the below mentioned products.

Light Fixtures-Artists today are using this type of art on light fixtures. Lighting is an integral part of an interior design. Rustic lighting lends a perfect warm, glowing effect to any room. These lights are either made of wood or old looking metal like cast iron. They may also incorporate an old design like a wall sconce.

Furniture- Rustic furniture has gained great popularity over the years. It is considered a good investment by many as it is durable and does not need constant replacement. It also looks great and adds a touch of coziness and warmth to the decor of the room. Since wood is a great conductor of heat, rustic log furniture is particularly favored in colder regions.

Fabrics and linen- When rustic art is used on furnishings, it entails the use of cotton and other natural fabrics. For those who cannot afford new furniture, the look can still be achieved by using rustic inspired fabrics. Rustic art is used on a lot of bed linen nowadays. Thick blankets, quilts, throws and rugs that look old are also perfect additions to the room. Embroidered fabrics look better in feminine rooms while plain and striped ones look good in a male's room. Animal motifs can be experimented with in children's bedrooms.

Rustic upholstery is usually available in muted tones of browns and reds. However, the brightness of the hues can be changed according to the designer's preference.

Paintings and crockery- Obviously, the most authentic form of rustic art would be an old painting. Scenes depicting a legendary scene or local tales are perfect for achieving this look. Like most other forms of art, a lot of rustic art is incorporated in crockery- plates, trays, cups and saucers. Hunting scenes, forest clearings, snow or rain fall, and wildlife are commonly used in rustic art.

Finally, if you want to proceed in the pursuit of acquiring rustic art forms, the best place to do so is the internet. There is a great variety to choose from and a lot of it is available at discounted rates. Many sellers also offer free shipping which you can benefit from. Your only concern should be that you make your purchase from a reputable and trustworthy website.



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