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Bring a touch of rugged old west style to your kitchen or home bar with our great collection of rustic bar stools. When it comes to deciding which kind of bar stool fits your rustic cabin or lodge perfectly, these really run the gamut. There are many different shades, types, and styles of wood chairs and stools. The wooden bar stools have a hand carved look to make sure your room doesn’t lack that authentic Rocky Mountain feeling. In addition to this, there are many swivel stools that offer versatility for your seated guests. For Rocky Mountain themed chairs, our collection of Wildness Chairs have animals carved and shaped into the back of chairs. There will be no confusion as to the rough and ruggedness of your home. 

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Eucalyptus Bar Chair
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Nightclub Pub Chair - Square
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Rocky Mountain Bar Chair
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Cattle Baron's Bar Stool
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Alpine Bar Chair by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$588.95 - $648.90
Alpine Bar Stool by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$498.95 - $558.90
Garden Bar Chair
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Garden Bar Chair
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Garden Stool
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Hub Chair
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Trigger Seat by Groovystuff
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Cowhide Bar Stool
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Now: $769.95
Pub Bar Stool by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$538.95 - $654.90
Saddle Bar Stool
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $879.95
Vine Iron Swivel Bar Stool with Arms at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $909.95
Wilderness Bar Chairs by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $769.95
Wilderness Chairs with Leather Back by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$649.95 - $699.95
Cardenal Barstool at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $2,089.95
Now: $1,649.95
Sawtooth Swivel Bar Chair
Was: $1,429.95
Now: $1,009.95
Spanish Heritage Round Bar Stool at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $819.95
Cedarvale Armless Swiveling Barstool
$930.95 - $1,159.95
Cedarvale Barstool
$739.95 - $899.95
Cedarvale Barstool
$969.95 - $1,199.95
Forest Hill Barstool
$561.95 - $719.95
Forest Hill Barstool with Padded Back
$886.95 - $1,089.95
Ponderosa Swivel Bar Stool at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $1,429.95
Now: $1,099.95
Sassafras Barstool with Swivel Seat
$499.95 - $669.85
Timberline Bar Stool by Frontier Ironworksat Rocky Mountain Decor.
$649.95 - $709.90
Vine Counter Height Swivel Iron Chair at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $859.95
Vine Iron Swivel Bar Stool at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $879.95

A Buying Guide on Rustic Bar Stools:

For any outdoor bar or a home bar, rustic bar stools can be quite a complement if you have a rustic theme in place. This piece of furniture creates a very warm look to your bar. Rustic bar stools add atmosphere to your entire bar decor. In actuality, a bar cannot be a proper drinking hub for your friends and family, until it is properly decorated with the furniture it needs. There is a very simple reason behind this – a bar is a place to celebrate and a celebration remains incomplete without the right ambience.

Besides all the furniture items like bar counter and bar tables, bar stools are the most required piece of furniture for any bar. Your bar is a place of relaxation and leisure you and your friends. To let the people spend a quality time at your bar, it is important to concentrate on not just the aesthetics but also on the comfort level. The rustic bar stools can provide that aesthetic charm to your rustic home decor as well as make your home bar a comforting and relaxing zone for you and your loved ones.

Rustic bar stools are conventional in nature. When you purchase them for your bar, you don't even have to uplift and change the entire bar setup. In fact, rustic bar stools are not heavy and can easily be placed at the bar counters. Below are some of rustic bar stools which may be the best fit for your bars.

Hickory Cane Back Bar Stool:

This is one of the best hickory wooden made rustic bar stools which is available in the market. It exhibits the special warmth and natural beauty of the wood. It provides an arm rest, back rest and foot rest. Except the foot rest and the back rest built, the other body parts are cut in round shape till the end. This set of rustic bar stools can fit beautifully in any bar room. It depicts the natural woody touch and hence will add to the attraction of your bar. It is available at a decent price in the market and will surely be a worth of investment.

Alpine Rustic Bar Stool:

What else could be better than an Alpine rustic bar stool? It is a totally rustic product which is conventional in nature and offers a classical elegance to the bar decor in your bar. This product for your bar is made up with a combination of round metal framing and glimmering pine wood. It offers bordered metal foot rest options for you and a medium wooden frame for sitting. It is completely a contemporary bar stool package for any bar. It basically does not offer any back rest but can be provided with one on the order.

Vine Iron Swivel Bar Stool:

Vine Iron Swivel bar stool is a perfect match for any outdoor or home bar. It features a top swivel made seat and a cushion which is made of taupe material. It also comes with a hand bark painting with a black stroke. It provides a foot rest and features square black metal boxes at its back. Its lattice design offers more charm around the bar. This amazing rustic bar stool is made by artisans who have spent years to design the perfect rustic bar stool.

Spanish Heritage Round Bar Stool:

Here is the decent bar stool of all the products in the market. It is a beauty which is made of fine wood that is polished accurately to offer great shine. It comes with stylish and comfortable leatherette seating which offers a perfect seating arrangement for the customers to sit and enjoy the drink in the bar. This rustic bar stool provides a round foot rest which will help you in resting your legs comfortably. If you are placing this beautiful dark fixture in your home bar, then anyone who experiences it will surely admire it consistently. When it comes to elegance, the Spanish heritage round bar stool offers plenty of it. It will not only comfort the customers but will also be a complement to your bar counter and your bar decor.

Forest Hill Barstool:

This is a true necessity for any bar stool. The Forest Hill Barstool is a combination of metal and different types of leather for a qualified sturdy seat. This beauty offers no back rest but it does offer foot rest which is designed in a square shape. It is totally a hand crafted product which is driven by experts from the industry of making bar stools. And you don’t have to worry as you are being offered two different heights of bar stools in the market. This means that you can select the right one which will fit your bar counter easily.

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