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Find all the inspiration you need to create your ideal rustic bathroom with Rocky Mountain Cabin Décor's great collection of rustic bathroom furnishings, bathroom decorations, rustic bath towels, rustic shower curtains, cabin toilet accessories, bathroom mirrors, rustic vanities, towel bars, hardware, and more. Whether you’relooking for bathroom ideas to dress up your cabin bathroom, hunting lodge, country homestead, or rustic-style house, we have a host of decorative ideas to help you fashion a rustic bathroom your family and friends will love visiting. With our collection of rustic lodge bathroom accessories, you can give your bathroom the rugged grandeur of a mountain lodge or the old-fashioned charm of a log cabin.

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Luxury & Solace in your Rustic Bathroom

As the most patronized (and, arguably, the most important) room in your home, your log cabin bathroom warrants the time and creativity necessary to create an authentic rustic bathroom design. Our distinctive collection of rustic bathroom decor will help you create an exceptional rustic bathroom design to be proud of. Rocky Mountain Décor has just what you need to transform your log cabin or lodge bath into a stunning room.

How to Create a Rustic Bathroom

The bathroom is unarguably the most personal room of the house, after your bedroom.  It signifies solitude and is the first and last room you visit through your day. Yet, very often it gets neglected and doesn't receive the same attention as you give the other rooms of your house.

There are a number of decorating techniques one can incorporate in the design of a bathroom. The rustic look is one such great idea. It is aesthetically appealing and adds an earthy feel to any room. If you are a nature lover, the rustic look is a great way to bring the outdoors into your home, while making the atmosphere warm and cozy. When incorporated in the bathroom area, it can work wonders. Materials like wood, metal, stone, certain natural fabrics, and motifs of plants and animals can all be used to create a rustic look.

The look you are trying to achieve is one of antiquity. Here are a few tips on how best to achieve that rustic look.

·         Choose a theme-The rustic look includes a mix of western, ranch, country and cabin ideas. Choose one for the decor of your bathroom. Remember, it is not advisable to use more than one theme in a room.

·         Change existing fixtures- Replace your old fixtures with rustic inspired ones. Fixtures add a lot to the overall appearance of the bathroom. Like in any other room, lighting in the bathroom too is a key element of the aesthetics. Vanity lights, overhead lights and wall sconces are available in rustic designs. Choose them carefully, keeping in mind the look you are trying to achieve.

·         Choose the right paint and wallpaper- The rustic look is all about earthy shades and natural color palettes. Browns, dark reds, greens and tan work well with the rustic theme. Remember that the walls set the base for the rest of the room's design. Painting is not cheap, and the rustic look can be achieved with plain walls as well. However, it might be hard if your bathroom already has an existing theme and brightly colored or patterned tiles and walls.

If you intend to use wood, red wood and red cedar are ideal for bathroom surfaces and ceiling. This is because they are both rot resistant. In fact they can even be used in the outdoors.

To create the illusion of a bigger space, one can remove the ceiling of the bathroom and remodel the area.

·         Tubs, sinks and cabinets- If you are on a budget, you will be glad to know that you can use many materials which you will get either for free, or for very reasonable rates. Freely available rock and wood from old fences can be used to make cabinets below the sink.

Wooden tubs and sinks with sealers are also available in the market. Wooden counter tops can also be incorporated to add to the rustic theme.

·         Water fixtures and other bathroom accessories- Flea markets are a great place to find old faucets, hand pumps and the likes. These could really be the perfect addition to the rustic bathroom. You may also be lucky enough to get your hands on an old iron bath tub.; it would make for the perfect focal point in the bathroom. You could also use a wooden cover for the toilet or even incorporate an antique bidet into the bathroom.

Things like tissue holders, curtain rods and cabinet knobs, if chosen tastefully, can do wonders for the decor of the bathroom. These things are also found at flea markets, garage sales and small antique shops. All you need to have is a keen eye and an attention to detail.

·         Renovate rather than rebuild- For most of us, money is a constraint. We have a budget to stick to and this can get hard when you want to do a perfect job. If this is the case, it is best advised to work with what you have. You need not purchase too many things for your bathroom. The idea is to make the decor look old. And you're sure to have some old stuff lying around. Remember, anything that looks old, works. Go through the attic, garage and drawers you haven't opened in ages. You're bound to find a thing or two. Anything from rusty horseshoes to paintings with old frames will work just fine.

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