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Products > Rustic Bedding

Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor offers a number of rustic bedding collections to turn any bedroom into a true rustic lodge.Our cabin bedding sets include one-of-a-kind quilts, extraordinarysoft plaid and fleece blankets, inviting duvets, pillow shams, and more. We carry a huge variety of rustic cabin bedding ensembles in every theme imaginable, making the selection process of finding the right fit for your lodge or cabin simple and effortless. You can complete your rustic bedroom styling by combining these rustic bedding ensembles with our rustic bed linens, bed frames, dressers, armoire furniture,and other pieces from our rustic furniture and decor collections. Whether your hobbies and interests include bird watching, hunting, boating, or the simple serenity of an early morning walk through the woods, we have the perfect rustic lodgebedding for your home, lodge, or cabin hideaway.

Northern Exposure Bedding Collection
Sierra 2 Bedding Collection
Adirondack Bedding Collection
Bear Bedding Collection
Barbwire Bedding Collection
Bessie Gulch Bedding Collection
Flying Horse Bedding Collection
bella vista bedding collection
Dakota Bedding Collection
Laredo Bedding Collection
Cabin Bear Collection
Moose Plaid Bedding Collection
Wooded River Bear Bedding Collection
Pine Cones Bedding Collection
Wooded River Bedding Collections
Deer Meadow Bedding Collection
El Dorado Bedding Collection
Hudson Bedding Collection
Kodiak Creek Bedding Collection
Las Cruces Bedding Collection
Moose 1 Bedding Collection
Pine Forest Bedding Collection
Sierra Bedding Collection
Wilderness Ridge Bedding Collection
Wyoming Bedding Collection
Southwestern Bedding
Galeana Bedding Collection
Gold Rush Bedding Collection
Brown Elk Bedding Collection
Cabin Bedding Collection
Call Of The Wild Bedding Collection
Camouflage Bedding
Cedar Trail Bedding Collection
Harvest Log Cabin Bedding Collection
Camouflage Bathroom Accessories
Camouflage Bedding Collection
Camouflage Comforters
Camouflage Pillows
Camouflage Sheets
Camouflage Window Coverings
Cheyenne Ruby Bedding Collection
Cheyenne Turquoise Bedding Collection
Cowhide Bedding Collection
Ducks Bedding Collection
Fly Fishing Bedding Collection
forest log cabin bedding collection
Gone Fishing Bedding Collection
McWoods Bedding Collection
Moose Mountain Bedding Collection
Mora Bedding Collection
Pink Paisley Bedding Collection
Socorro Bedding Collection
Wildlife Venture Bedding Collection
Bear Creek Bedding Collection
Bear Trail Bedding Collection
Country Roads Bedding Collection
Dogs 'N Ducks Bedding Collection
Luxury Star Bedding Collection
Moose Bedding Collection
mountain whispers bedding collection
Natures Splendor Bedding Collection
Northwoods Walk Bedding Collection
Nutmeg Leaf Bedding Collection
Painted Desert Bedding Collection
Pinecone Bedding Collection
Realtree Advantage Max-4 Bedding Collection
loon bedding collection
The Moose Bedding Collection
The Woods Bedding Collection
Timberlodge Bedding Collection
Tombstone Bedding Collection
Whitetail Dreams Bedding Collection
Wild Horses Bedding Ensemble
Wilderness Bedding Ensemble
Wolf Bedding Collection
Wolf Trail Bedding Collection
Wrangler Bedding Collection
Yellowstone 1 Bedding Collection
Brand Bedding Ensemble
Cowboy Bedding Collection
Cowgirl Bedding Collection
Lil Buckeroo Bedding Collection
Shadow Riders Bedding Collection
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Heartland Twin Bedding Ensemble
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Lil YeeHaw Crib Bedding Ensemble
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Bear Mountain Towel Set
Was: $99.95
Now: $94.95
Brands Towel Set
Was: $69.95
Now: $74.95

Rustic Bedding for your Lodge, Cabin or Home

Luxury cabinbedding can transform an ordinary bedroom into an elegant, peaceful refuge. Create a relaxed feeling of a wilderness sanctuary with designer rustic bedding sets.

You don’t have to leave nature come nightfall. Our rustic cabin bedding setsare just what you need to relax in the comfort of your bedroom. Whether you're reading, watching television, or relaxing after a long day,you'll still feel in touch with nature as you sleep. From western to basic plaids themed to represent nature, we're certain you'll find plenty of options to choose from. For those with a taste for cowboys and the western skyline, we carry the Coyote Summit, Frontier, Mohawk and Navajo collection designs. Those who appreciate the beauty and majesty of the mountains will enjoy our prints like McWoods, Northern Exposure, Juneau, Bear Mountain, Whitetail Woodland and more. These feature cold weather animals like moose and bear, majestic animals in the woods. For a more cozy cabin feel, our bedding collections in prints like Pine Cones, Bear Creek, Country Roads, Dogs 'N Ducks, Northwoods and Nature's Splendor. Choose from entire bedding sets including sheets, duvets, comforters, throws and more!


A Buying Guide to Rustic Bedding

If you are a nature lover, then a rustic décor is just what you need in your house. Incorporating this look is the best way to bring the outdoors into your living space. It is comfortable and cozy, and helps you disconnect from your hectic day-to-day life.

Rustic furniture is made from lumber and can be used in any room of the house. However, sometimes one doesn't want to spend a great deal on new furniture. Working with what you have is a great way to maintain a budget while remodelling your home. The rustic look can be created with the use of old furnishings and fabrics as well. In fact, rustic bedding is very popular. Rustic bedding includes any quilted, old style bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets and throws.  Here are a few reasons why rustic bedding has gained such a mass appeal.

·         Warmth – It is a well-known fact that wool is a great insulator. This is why rustic bedding is preferred, especially in cold places. Today's rustic bedding is often made from a combination of cotton and polyester that is not only warm but easy to care for.

·         Money saver- If you use old quilts and blankets that are warm enough, you don’t need to turn your thermostat too high. These are a great way to save on energy bills.

·         Durability- Much like rustic furniture, rustic bedding is also very durable. Old blankets and quilts are stitched well with the intent to make them last long. Owing to their durability, these blankets and quilts reduce the need for you to replace them regularly.

·          Aesthetic appeal- Rustic bedding is the perfect accessory to striking a balance between the indoors and outdoors. It adds an element of warmth, comfort and coziness to the décor of your room.

·         Affordable- Getting an old style quilt is not at all expensive. In fact, rustic bedding is the cheapest way to achieve the rustic look in your home.


As already mentioned, you need not live in a log cabin to use rustic bedding. You can incorporate a rustic décor even in your urban apartment. The only thing you have to remember is that design always follows function. Thus, one has to ensure that the bedding you choose is practical and comfortable. There are myriad designs and patterns to choose from when one is looking for rustic bedding. The process can take time and a lot of effort. As with any other interior style, it is important to choose the right rustic bedding to suit your décor. A few tips one can keep in mind while making that choice are mentioned below.


·         For those living in warmer places, lighter bedding with rustic inspired designs is always an option.

·         The rustic style involves the use of earthy and natural colors. Browns, dark reds and greens work wonders with this look. The intensity or subtlety of the décor can be adjusted with the proper play of colors. The bedding you choose will ultimately be in colors that reflect your personal taste.

·         Animal prints and other motifs of nature, if used appropriately, can be a very successful inclusion in the décor. Bedding with these motifs is ideal for children’s bedrooms especially.

·         Embroidered bedding looks better in feminine rooms and exude the warmth of the countryside. For bachelor rooms, plain and striped rustic bedding is usually preferred.

·         Rustic bedding comes in all the standard sizes but one can get it customised to suit one’s need.


It is important to remember that one should make the purchase from a reputable retailer who provides good customer service. He should be able to give you sufficient knowledge about fabrics and designs.


It is still better to buy from the internet. Though the idea of walking through stores may be alluring, there is a n even larger variety available online. All you have to do is run a search through a web search engine. Enter any specifications like budget, colours or patterns, to narrow down and simplify your search. Look for websites that offer free shipping and other discounts. If you are buying in bulk, you will usually get a more competitive rate online. However, it is imperative to check the credibility of the website you are buying from.

If you are still unable to make a decision on good rustic bedding, consult a professional. An interior designer will be able to tell you exactly what you need for your home. He/ she will also have deeper knowledge on the subject.

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