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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor understands that choosing the right rustic bed for your lodge, cabin, or rustic home bedroom is a very personal thing. Not just any ordinary flatlander look will do. We feature an extraordinary array of beautifully handcrafted rustic beds, from sleigh beds and canopy beds to day beds and futons. Whether you prefer wrought iron or authentic hardwood, you're sure to find the perfect rustic bed for your own wilderness getaway. Don't forget to top off your rustic bed with one of our gorgeous rustic bedding ensembles, and shop the rest of our rustic bedroom furniture for all the other pieces to complete your rustic bedroom paradise. 

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Pine Tree Bed by Flat Rock Furniture at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$1,419.95 - $2,209.95
$1,767.95 - $1,956.95
Braid and Scroll Bed by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$1,929.95 - $2,299.95
Buckaroo Bed by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$1,929.95 - $2,299.95
$1,619.95 - $2,137.95
Roundup Bed by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$1,924.95 - $2,239.95
Sleigh Bed by Flat Rock Furniture Sleigh Bed by Flat Rock Furniture at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$2,694.95 - $3,594.95
Tisdale Bed by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$2,308.95 - $3,778.95
Whisper Creek Iron Bed
$1,999.95 - $3,376.90
Wilderness Bed by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$1,928.95 - $2,308.95
Single BARNDOOR Style Barnwood Bed - Complete
$1,839.95 - $2,539.95
Cedar Single Adirondack TWIG Bed - Complete
$1,749.95 - $2,249.95
Cedar Double Canopy Log Bed
$1,479.95 - $1,879.95
Cedar Single Small Spindle Bed-Complete
$619.95 - $935.95
Cedar Single Traditional Bed-Complete
$817.95 - $1,297.95
Cedar Single Twig Style- Complete
$1,497.95 - $1,997.95
Cedar Underbed 3 Drawer Dresser - Traditional Cedar Finish
Was: $1,129.00
Now: $918.95
$1,149.95 - $1,669.90
Leaf Bed
$1,470.95 - $2,239.95
Leaf Canopy Bed
$1,740.95 - $2,729.95
Pine Collection Iron Bed
$2,570.95 - $3,494.95
Single Traditional Barnwood Bed - Complete
$1,499.95 - $1,899.95
Underbed 3 Drawer Dresser - Barnwood
Was: $1,279.00
Now: $1,038.95
Wyoming Collection King Bed
$1,529.95 - $2,039.95
Cedar Daybed with trundle
Was: $2,249.00
Now: $1,828.95
Pine Pole Bed by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$2,329.95 - $3,799.95
Piney Creek Bed by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$1,924.95 - $2,899.95
Scenic 3-D Headboard at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$558.95 - $1,637.90
Western Bed by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$1,928.95 - $2,308.95
Wyoming headboard
$754.95 - $1,009.95
Create Your Own Custom Bed at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$458.95 - $1,537.90
Spanish Heritage Bed at Rocky Mountain Decor.
$3,598.95 - $3,998.95
Spanish Twin Bed
Was: $2,749.95
Now: $2,199.95

Buying Guide to Rustic Beds

Rustic furniture is strong, heavy and rugged which is normally found in cabin or hunting lodge in the woods. In these days, this furniture is also being used in the homes of people to bring a natural feeling to their home. There are many rustic furniture items that can find place in a home like bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture and kitchen furniture. Rustic beds are the part of rustic bedroom furniture that is a latest trend in bedroom décor which are handcrafted from original material. It is a general fact that rugged style furniture with unique theme creates a warm atmosphere in your bedroom. These styles in rustic bedroom furniture last a lifetime and provide a provincial look when they are treated with care. The following points deal with the rustic beds that are a part of the rustic bedroom furniture.   

Material Used for Making Rustic Beds

Rustic beds are generally made of natural materials like wood. The different types of wood materials used in these beds are Douglas fir logs, lodge pole pine and cedar. These wood materials provide a diverse realm of possibilities to your bedroom due to their distinctive appearance, atmosphere and rain structure. The wood used in making the rustic beds can be polished to give a smart look or left them to be in rugged shape. Many of these wood materials can withstand any seasonal abuses.

Size of Rustic Beds

 There are many sizes available in rustic beds. When you have a large bedroom then it is advised to go for a long rustic bed. Otherwise, a small bed can make it look dwarfed in the big bedroom. Large rustic furniture can make a room appear complete and avoids being chaotic. Rustic beds are also available in double beds, twin beds, queen size and king size.

Designs in Rustic Beds

Rustic beds are available in different designs. Many of these beds have long legs. People can also have short legged rustic bed for their child’s bedroom. You can also have the rustic beds that are designed or customized according to your desires. You can also have storage boxes under these beds to store your clothes or other things. In these days, rustic beds are designed in a way that they do not appear inferior to the modern furniture. Rustic beds with a semi circle design at one end can make them look stylish, in your bedroom.          

Quality of Rustic Beds

Quality of furniture is the aspect that cannot be ignored while buying any piece of furniture. The quality of a furniture item and the craftsmanship used in it can vary for one item to another which is mainly reflected in their price. If the quality of furniture is good then it can last for more years. Solid wood rustic beds are recommended for buying as they show less cracks in the coming years. They also behave better with seasonal changes. You have to look out for the furniture that are well fitted and have well crafted connections. If you are more comfortable with a fine finished rustic bed then go for the beds that are already finished by the manufacturer.   

Price of Rustic Beds

Rustic beds are available in all price ranges suitable for people to buy them. These prices range from being economical to being expensive. If you have a limited budget for buying these beds then go for the beds that are simple and have basic designs. Hardwood and plush cushioning are priced very high. You can also go for used rustic beds which can last for many years when they are taken care of. However, ensure that these beds have durability and quality even though you are limited on the budget front.  

Other Accessories for Rustic Beds

It is not enough to have a rustic bed alone in your bed room. These beds have to be complemented with perfectly complementing accessories like bed sheets, linen covers, rustic pillows, rustic mats, rustic curtains and other small rustic furniture in the bed room. When these items are placed in the bed room then they give a complete natural and rustic look for the room.    

Where to Buy Rustic Beds?  

You can buy the rustic bed in the local furniture store in their town or city. However, online rustic furniture stores are the best places for buying rustic beds. Many of these online stores have good customer care and high quality furniture. These stores offer free shipping of the rustic furniture items, in time. You can also buy used rustic beds on the online auction stores which sell used items.

Rustic beds surely give a natural and wild feeling to your bed room when accompanied with suitable rustic accessories.  


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