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Wilderness Bench by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $1,319.95
Now: $1,099.90
Was: $249.95
Now: $189.95
Deer 57 Burnished Metal Wall Art
Was: $549.95
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Is your rustic home or log cabin in need of a little extra seating? Fill in those empty spots in your living room, porch, or backyard with our beautiful rustic benches, and keep all your relatives and guests sitting in comfort and style. This collection features a wide assortment of hand crafted seating designs, including wagon wheel benches, log love seats, hand-tooled leather benches, schoolhouse benches, wooden divans, wood dining and kitchen benches, and barnwood benches. We also have a variety of outdoor benches and weatherproof seating, perfect for dressing up your porch or outdoor entertaining space. You don't have to leave any of your guests standing in the cold; with the right selection of rustic benches, you'll have everyone seated comfortably and in admiration of your great taste in rustic furniture.

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Bench with Lid
Cabin Bench by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $1,319.95
Now: $1,099.90
Deschutes Bench
Was: $1,429.95
Now: $1,059.95
Entry Bench
Adirondack Bench by Groovystuff
Was: $2,199.95
Now: $1,529.95
Park Divan
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $839.95
Rocky Mountain Garden Bench
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $859.95
Rocky Mountain Love Seat
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $799.95
Seminary School Bench by Groovystuff
Was: $969.95
Now: $749.95
48 Roll Arm Bench
Was: $2,089.95
Now: $1,799.90
Badland Root Bench
Was: $2,199.95
Now: $1,649.95
Cowboy Bench
Was: $1,319.95
Now: $1,099.90
Laredo Horn Bench
Was: $1,879.95
Now: $1,629.90
Wilderness Bench by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $1,319.95
Now: $1,099.90
Arapaho Rocker
Was: $1,979.95
Now: $1,449.95
Barnwood Bench - 36 - Antique Oak Finish
Was: $929.00 - $1,139.00
Now: $819.95 - $1,029.95
Was: $889.00 - $1,119.00
Now: $729.95 - $959.95
Spanish Heritage Bench at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $2,859.95
Now: $2,159.95
Cedarvale Bench
Was: $1,649.95 - $2,044.95
Now: $1,299.95 - $1,694.95
Forest Hill Bench
Was: $1,319.95 - $1,609.95
Now: $989.95 - $1,279.95
Pine Collection Bench
Was: $3,959.95 - $4,409.95
Now: $2,299.95 - $2,749.95
Pine Collection Settee
Was: $1,539.95 - $1,899.95
Now: $1,199.95 - $1,559.95

We carry rustic furniture for your indoor space as well as your outdoor patio and yard. For a truly indoor rustic feel, our Badland Root bench looks exposed – like it came directly from nature to your doorstep! Other natural-looking benches include a lean back settee, Root bench, Rocky Mountain garden bench and Rocky Mountain love seat. For something truly creative, choose from one of our more extravagant items. Our Brazilian cowhide roll arm bench will add a bit of glamour to any room, while the Laredo Horn bench (made with authentic polished cow horns and cowhide cushion) makes a statement. We also offer wagon wheels that have been repurposed. Sit with your sweetie on a wagon wheel bench made for two. If classic and traditional are more your style, choose from our benches that contain only a hint of the outdoors. A bench that is crafted from bronze and formed to look like pine branches offers a woodsy feel to any atmosphere.  

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