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If you're looking for high-quality rustic chairs, then you've come to the right place. At Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, we pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive collections of rustic cabin chairs and lodge chairs on the market. These elegant country and western chairs can be found in some of the finest lodges and western resorts in the country, and will fit just as easily into any rustic cabin or country home. Our collection features luxurious leather easy chairs, upholstered accent chairs, adirondack chairs, swivel office chairs, recliners, ottomans, and more. Whatever your home design or seating needs, you're sure to find something in our collection to fit your cabin and your personality. Your family and friends will be delighted with both the comfort and quality make of our gorgeous rustic chairs. Many of these pieces are also designed to coordinate with our rustic sofas, to help you easily create a full living room design that will be sure to impress all your visitors.

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Bergere Hair on Hide Chair
Was: $2,749.95
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Parlor Chair by Country Road Furniture At Rocky Mountain Decor
Was: $1,429.95
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Solomon Office Chair
Was: $2,089.95
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Swivel Leather Office Chair
Was: $2,749.95
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Was: $2,199.95 - $3,079.95
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48 Roll Arm Bench
Was: $2,089.95
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Badland Root Chair
Was: $1,649.95
Now: $1,259.95
Bighorn Root Chair
Was: $1,429.95
Now: $1,159.95
Cuero Club Chair
Was: $3,629.95
Now: $3,019.95
Was: $3,629.95
Now: $3,349.95
Long Horn Chaise Lounge
Was: $4,949.95
Now: $4,779.95
Santa Fe Wing Chair
Was: $3,299.95
Now: $2,579.95
Adirondack Chair by Groovystuff
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $859.95
Husker Chair by Groovystuff
Was: $549.95
Now: $449.95
Sundance Ladder Chair by Groovystuff
Was: $1,099.95
Now: $859.95

Buying Guide for Rustic Chairs

Having a home for oneself is a necessity for both humans as well as the lesser beings. Once man has a roof over his head, he thinks about decoration it. Home decor is essential as it an efficient way of expressing your taste, style and attitude. You could choose the modern, contemporary sleek look furniture or the rustic, very country side traditional furniture. If you want to decorate your house, or your kitchen or dining room or even your bedroom in the rustic way then you have millions of options to choose from. Among these, the furniture that stands out is the rustic chair.

Chairs accompanied by a good table transform the character of your room to a different level.  We have various kinds of rustic chairs available in the market, which can be used in bedroom, living room, dining room, bar area and even in your garden.

Few of the chairs in different style that can be used to decorate your home are:

The Armchair

Chairs with comfortable arm rests are called arm chairs. They are the oldest style of chairs but are still used as they are very comfortable and durable. Rustic arm chairs are usually made with natural cane and are handcrafted with the best quality wood. These chairs provide rustic warmth to any kind of décor. So whether you are furnishing your bedroom, your living room, your study or your farm house, a rustic armchair will immediately add style and comfort to your room.

The Dining Chair

Choosing a perfect dining chair for your dining room is a big task. First and foremost a dining chair should complement your dining table. The height, width and the style of your dining chair should go hand in hand with your dining table. Your dining chair height should not be more than your dining table height as it will become very difficult to eat comfortably. Likewise, the width of the chairs should be in accordance with the length of the table to avoid making it look lousy and stuffed up.

Also ensure that the size of your dining table together with the chair complements the size of your dining room. With a very big table your room will look too small and cramped up and a very small table will give your room an empty and unfurnished look. So before you decide to buy a chair check out the various rustic dining table options available in the market and add a set of 2, 4, 6 or any number of rustic chairs to your rustic table to add style and comfort to your room.

The Rocker

These chairs are famously called as the grandfather’s rocker as you can easily laze in them on a cold winter evening. These chairs are perfect for the porch or to be placed at the fireplace. They are very comfortable and durable and they look very relaxing and pleasing. A rocker looks the best when it is rustic and traditional. So go the rustic way and add a touch of comfort and style on your porch.

The Garden Chair

A recliner chair with a leaning back, arm rests and a foot rest sounds very comfortable and relaxing. Try out various rustic garden chairs to add comfort and style in your garden. You can imagine yourself lying down, listening to the birds chirping nearby and the wind blowing on your face. The only thing you should be sure of before buying a garden chair is its comfort and height. The chair should be comfortable enough for you to relax you and even enjoy a siesta. Similarly, the height should not be too high or too low. Check out various rustic garden chairs before you buy one.

The Bar Chair

These chairs are usually taller as compared to the tradition armchairs. These are custom made according to your bar or lodge to add a look of elegance. These chairs are very comfortable when you are having a drink with your loved one. Hence, before you choose your bar chair be sure it matches your bar or lodge design and its style. It also very important to check the height of the bar countertop and then buy chairs to complement it. The height and width of your bar chairs is crucial in creating the classy look of your bar.

These are a few of the various styles of chairs available in the market. However, before you make a purchase, be sure of what you want for your home. Remember that while style is important, factors like quality and maintenance should also be kept in mind.






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