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Welcome to the heart of the Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor online store. Shop and buy rustic decor furniture for your home. In our vast rustic home decor department, you'll discover solutions to all your rustic home decor requirements. You'll be amazed by the broad selections and exquisite collections of curios, trimmings and trappings to accompany your fine rustic, western or country furniture, rustic bedding, lodge furnishings, and beyond. Have fun browsing and shopping for the perfect rugs, tabletop decorations, rustic window coverings, and everything else you need to balance your rustic-style bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, or den. From rustic picture frames to rustic mirrors, rustic signs to rustic wallpaper, we have all the best artwork, hardware, and accessories to give your mountain lodge, country home, or cabin retreat an elegant, rugged ambiance. Our rustic decor items also make excellent gifts for any hunter, fisherman, wildlife enthusiast, log cabin dweller, or simple nature lover. If you're not sure where to start, check out this article to help you better decide what rustic decor is right for your log cabin or lodge: What is Rustic Decor?

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Abstract Thinker - L
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Antares Branch Ball - S
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Antares Branch Boat
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Antares on the Wall - Small - White
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Antler Rack with 4 Tines
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Black Lab Wall Hook
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Bone Shaped Leash Hanger
Was: $44.95
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Drifter Basket - Round
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Drifter Bottle Stand
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Groovy Metal Art Peace Sign
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Hall Tree
Rocky Mountain Canister
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Rocky Mountain Clip Cup
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Standing Hat and Coat Rack
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Whistler's Basket
Was: $299.95
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Whitetail Deer Hang Up
Was: $89.95
Now: $59.95
Wood Coasters, set of 6
Was: $109.95
Now: $64.95


The Embelishments Define the Design: Rustic Decor

Whether your natural bedroom motif needs a little facelift or your rustic dining room requires a complete makeover, it's the subtle details and high quality of our rustic decor and rustic home accessories that you need to meet your objective.


A Buying Guide to Rustic Décor:

For any nature lover, living a traditional and rustic life with all the comforts of the present times is nothing short of a dream come true. What is even more heartening is to know that each one of us with relatively small quantities of time, money and effort can make wonderful variations in our lives in which plastics, glass and metals have a perceptual presence. We can give our surroundings the soft natural touch and the feel of nature and make every minute of our time spent in our home in connectivity with the nature. It will not be an exaggeration to say that in the present times rustic décor is making a comeback in a big way. People are moving away from hard metals and unfeeling plastics to the more natural and warm wood.

Designing your home in the rustic style is not a hard nut to crack. A little creativity, fades, mismatches and lots of wood is all that it takes to establish your connection with the nature and make your abode the look feel and touch of nature.

Rustic Furniture:

Rustic furniture is typically rustic, with knots and other imperfections, which in fact is responsible for its unique look.  While some may have barks on it, the most traditional rustic style furniture may even be wobbly and in uneven shapes. For making table tops, the cut usually follows a natural line rather of the wood rather than the regular shapes and sizes, which are then given clear covering to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Pine is most commonly used material for making rustic furniture.


Accessorizing your wooden house can multiply its warmth and effects. Candles, baskets, frames, wildflowers and vases, rugs and carpets, curtains and bedcovers all are like spices that season the flavor of your rustic home. One does not even need to splurge on these items. For instance real deer antlers can be very expensive, heavy and are not very practical to be used in our modern apartments.  Hence, getting fake antler lights should be considered. They are light in terms of both cost and weight and also offer easy mobility.


One can create a visually delightful atmosphere at home by experimenting and texturing with different materials. Fireplace is perhaps the best place where one can do a lot of creative designing without the fear of going wrong. While a stone fireplace is classy and an all time favorite, one can alternately use slate, moss rock, river rock and granite too. For those who do not have a very big fireplace can compensate for the soft and warm country feeling by using a backsplash in the kitchen, or a slate entrance at the front door or even a marble counter top in the kitchen.

One can also give the effect of textures by the way of using different accessories. Using different materials of contrasting colors and textures can give a dramatic effect to the overall décor. Using a candle holder on the dining table or an old cowboy hat on a side table are ways to complement different articles to give the rustic country feeling without overloading or cluttering your home.


Lighting of your home is the central aspect to the get the desired effect in your home. Both natural and artificial lighting play a vital role in this respect. One can have different types of windows to let in sunlight all round the year, after all sunlight is one character that will add to the rustic feel without any doubt.

The major challenge that most people face is the placing of lights. For some rooms, the lighting should be soft, for some it should be brighter and for some, one can use a combination. Whatever may be the lighting scheme, the basic point is that, lighting should not go wrong, else the desired effect of a country home may not be quite prominent. Lamps, chandeliers, oil lamps, candles, all create a soothing and welcoming effect and have the ability to enhance the beauty of your home when used appropriately.


While decorating a bedroom in rustic country style, the bed should have a wooden handmade frame with a linen canopy. Cushions, quilts and pillows in varying shades of bright, earthly and muted colors add charm and warmth to the room. One can also use embroidered bed covers for your bed. In rustic décor, layering assumes a key role. Layer your blankets with two or three different color and materials and see how it adds to the attractiveness and coziness of your bedroom. 


A rustic kitchen décor works fine in both contemporary home and in a country cabin or lodge. The essence is in the use of warm, earthly tones and colors and natural materials for the décor. Anything from leather to suede, wrought irons to rusted metals, materials like cotton, wool or animal hide, wood, concrete, or stone can be used creatively to create a blend of a rustic yet a chic kitchen.

Rustic Table Linens

It is important to remember that your home is a part of your personality, so do remember to incorporate whatever you like in a way that is appealing to you.


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