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Buy rustic furniture and log cabin furniture at Rocky Mountain Decor. When we think of lodge decor, we envision hand crafted rustic elegance. Your bedroom, dining room, office or patio warrants nothing short of the foremost in designer lodge luxury furniture. Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor is your one-stop for luxury rustic furniture for your lodge, cabin or home.  We offer an outstanding online selection of distressed rustic furniture along with a complete array of western furniture. Our barnwood furniture, mission reclaimed wood, hair-on-hide and natural wood collections are simply magnificent works of fashionable furniture art that you, your family and cabin will treasure for a lifetime. To learn more about Rustic Furniture, check out this article: What is Rustic Furniture?  In the meantime, enjoy shopping below from our selection of rustic beds, rustic end tables, rustic night stands, rustic benches, and more.

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Rustic Furniture is Where Rustic Begins

We understand your cabin design and lodge decor is uniquely personal. It deserves to be furnished with quality high end rustic furniture to equal your discriminating taste. Shop assured knowing our fabulous cabin furniture fashions adorn the very finest homes and resorts across America.


A Buying Guide to Rustic Furniture

Furniture is a vital element in the design of any living space. It adds style and character to a room. Furniture is available in many differents styles today, to suit almost any kind of décor. There is avante garde, modern, tudor and so many more styles of furniture to choose from. The design and décor of your home reflects who you are. And, if you are a great lover of nature, then the rustic style of décor is just for you. 

Rustic furniture comes in a variety of styles, and gives you a lot to choose from. It includes anything that is old or vintage and also any design that is inspired by nature. Over the years, this type fo furniture has gained popularity for a number of reasons. A few are mentioned below.

·         Comfort and good insulation- Rustic furniture adds a feeling of warmth and comfort to a room. Since it is often made from wood, it is particularly preferred in colder places. This is because wood is a good conductor of heat and furniture made from it would help keep you warm.

·         Unique-Every piece of rustic furniture is different from the other. It is hand made by expert craftsmen and has a uniqueness of its own. No two pieces of rustic furniture are ever exactly identical. It is like owning a piece of art that no one else has.

·         Durable-This type of furniture has gained it’s popularity from the fact that it is extremely durable. It makes minimal use of metal, and hence has lesser chance of wobbling or loosening up. Since it doesn't need constant replacement, buyers consider it a good one time investment.

·         Easy to maintain-Rustic furniture made in wood, usually comes in clean, uncomplicated lines. This makes cleaning easy. Wrought iron and other old looking metal that are used in this style are equally easy to maintain. The only concern with iron is that it should be painted regularly to avaid rusting and eroding. In the case of wood, it should be coated with water- resistant varnish, if it is going to be exposed to water. There are many woods like red cedar that are preffered for their resistance to water and erosion.

·         Aethetically appealing-Rustic furniture is classy and beautiful. Like mentioned before, every piece is unique. This is why when rustic furniture is incorporated in a living space, it gives the sense of an art collection. It should be noted that, very often people cannot afford to renovate and remodel their whole house or room to fit a certain décor. However, with the use of rustic furniture, this look can be achieved even if one has plain colored walls.

·         Large variety to choose from-Another great advantage of this type of furniture is that it comes in a huge variety of styles. One can choose between modern or antique pieces. Rustic art is influenced by the natural qualities of a region. Hence, it is but obvious that every region’s take on this art would be different. Rustic art can gain inspiration from anything like old hunting scenes to Native american cultural motifs. It is advisable, however, that when you are buying rustic furniture, one should stick to a certain type of style and not mix with any other.

·         Natural and eco-friendly- Most rustic furniture is inspired by wildlife and nature. Thus, it is usually made from eco-friendly materials and colors. Earthy colors like reds, browns and greens  and natural fibres like jute are commonly used.

·         Money saver- since rustic wooden furniture helps keep warm, it eliminates or reduces the use of a thermostat. Hence, it helps cut down on electricity bills to a large extent.

Rustic furniture can be used in any room of your house, including verandahs and porches.

·         Kitchen- It is ideal for the kitchen as it is sturdy, durable and easy to maintain.

·         Bedroom- A big wooden bed is a great addition to a rustic bedroom. Not only does it give a cosy feeling, it also helps keep warm during the winter months.

·         Living- Rustic seating and tables give a great look to the common areas of your home. This furniture has a quaint and natural look .

·         Bathroom- cabinets made from old wooden fences or other scrap material help achieve a great rustic look in the bathroom. Rustic bathtubs and sinks lined with sealers are also available.

When you are buying rustic furniture, remember to purchase it from a reputed buyer who offers good customer service, appropriate knowledge and sufficient rebate.

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