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The right selection of rustic lamp shades will complete your home's lighting design and illuminate your rustic or western themed decor in true style. Our impressive assortment of rustic, western, and country lamp shades has what you need to brighten your home and give your rustic decor a uniquely beautiful glow. We offer the finest and most distinctive lamp shades in a variety of styles and designs. From hand-painted leather and faux rawhide to pierced metal shades, quaint log cabin shades to magnificent hand-crafted covers, we have all the rustic lamp shade styles and ideas you need to complete your cabin, lodge, western or country home decoration. 

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Hand Painted Faux Calf Skin Lamp Shade at Rocky Mountain Decor
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Leather Laced Calf Skin Shade at Rocky Mountain Caabin Decor
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Mica Hexagon Lamp Shade by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
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Mica Rectangular Lamp Shade by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
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Moose Pyramid Shade
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Moose Round Shade -QRO-7614-4x16x11
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Plain Faux Calf Skin Lamp Shade at Rocky Mountain Decor
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Real Leaf Shades in Aspen or Oak at Rocky Mountain Decor
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Rectangular Rawhide Lamp Shade by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
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Round Paper Lamp Shade by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
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Round Rawhide Lamp Shade by Frontier Ironworks at Rocky Mountain Decor.
Was: $179.95 - $339.95
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Cedar Small Lamp Shade - Foliage
Was: $119.00 - $259.00
Now: $89.95 - $229.95
Bear Pyramid Shade
Was: $69.95 - $99.95
Now: $53.95 - $83.95
Bear Round Shade
Was: $69.95 - $99.95
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Bucking Horse Pyramid Shade
Was: $69.95 - $100.95
Now: $52.95 - $83.95
Bucking Horse Round Shade
Was: $69.95 - $79.95
Now: $74.95 - $84.95
Pine Cone Pyramid Shade
Was: $69.95 - $89.95
Now: $52.95 - $72.95
Pine Cone Round Shade
Was: $69.95 - $99.95
Now: $53.95 - $83.95
Star Pyramid Shade
Was: $69.95 - $99.95
Now: $53.95 - $83.95
Star round shade
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Now: $53.95 - $83.95
Trout Pyramid Shade
Was: $69.95 - $99.95
Now: $53.95 - $83.95
Trout round shade
Was: $69.95 - $99.95
Now: $53.95 - $83.95

Buying guide – Rustic Lamp Shades

A lampshade is a kind of fixture that is used to cover the light bulb on a lamp. This shade is mainly used to diffuse the light emitted from the light bulb. The light shades are available in various forms like cylindrical and conical to suit the various structures used in making a lamp. The light shades are mainly used to impart aesthetic and decorative features to the lamps. Rustic lamp shades are the popular ones that complete lighting design of your home in a true western style. These light shades enhance the countryside feel in your home. These lamp shades have shot into popularity due to their patronage by interior designers in bringing a western vibe to any room of a home.

Places in a Home where Rustic Lamp Shades can be used   

Lamps are generally used in all rooms of a home where lighting can be adjusted according to personal needs. Rooms like bedroom, reading room and living room have the necessity of having a lamp. In a bedroom, you can use a lamp for studying your favorite books. In the reading room, you can do your office or daily work in a cool manner. The lighting from these lamps can make you feel pleasant and isolated from the outside environment in your home.    

Material used for Rustic Lamp Shades

The most popular material used in rustic lamp shades is leather. It is a wide known fact that leather is a perfect material for all kinds of western or rustic decors. The lamp shades made of hand-stitched leather are popularly used by interior designers in western decors of a home. Many of these lamp shades are made of soft pig skin which has a beautiful opaque color. This pig skin leather has small natural hair follicle holes which can give more rustic feel to the lamp shades. These types of lamp shades can provide light both at the top and bottom of the shade equally. We can see that pig skin is also used in various items like desk lamps, floor lamps, antler lamps and table lamps.

Designs in Rustic Lamp Shades

Rustic lamp shades are available in plain and painted forms in all types of materials. Many of the painting on the rustic lamp shade materials are done by hand which make more rustic and western for our home. The general designs used in making these rustic lamp shades are cylindrical and conical along with other varieties like hexagon, rectangle, pyramid, round and others. The colors used in these lamp shades are generally dark in nature. Dark colors are suitable in any form of rustic décor or furniture.

Use of Rustic Lamp Shades 

There are many advantages of having rustic la shades instead of regular lamp shades. These lamp shades never fail in producing a correct kind of lighting for any type of room in a home. These lamp shades provide a soft kind of glow in the room where they are used. These light shades make a perfect kind of addition that complements the warm and cozy feeling that is found in a western home. These lamp shades go well when they are used to accent the ambiance of native rustic household furniture. These lamp shades can be used even in office spaces also. They provide a versatile, rustic, durable and elegant appearance to the rooms where these lamp shades are used. With the availability of various designs in the market, it is possible to get a lamp shade that suits the style of your room.

Things to Consider Before Buying Lamp Shades  

 Before buying a specific lamp shade, it is better to know how the lamp is going to be used by you. If you know the exact reason for buying a specific lamp shade then you can be able to narrow down your choices. Larger lamp shades are only useful for large spaces or rooms. Smaller lamp shades can be used to illuminating certain areas of a room. Overall, a lamp shade had to enhance the rustic feeling of your home or room.   

Where to Buy Lamp Shades

You can buy lamp shades from local rustic furniture sore or from an online furniture store. It is advantageous to buy from an online store because they have a large varieties and designs in lamp shades. They also provide irresistible discounts on these lamp shades when compared to conventional furniture stores. You can order these shades from the online stores who provide free shipping of those items to your address.   

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