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Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor is your one-stop rustic lighting store. Our collection of rustic lamps and lighting can help transform any room in your home into a picturesque cabin or lodge. Our rustic table lamps are the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, or study. These pieces are sure to help you set a genuine, authentic rocky mountain tone for your home. For those looking for more permanent fixtures, we carry a wide variety of rustic chandeliers, ceiling lights, ceiling fans, and wall sconces. These fixtures act as centerpieces and allow you to decorate the rest of your room with complementary pieces like rustic night lights, finials, fan pulls, switch plates and outlet covers. You can even turn your kitchen into a rustic paradise with our wide selection of kitchen island lighting. Have a pool table or game room? Our assortment of pool tables can highlight your game room with Rocky Mountain elegance. 

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Rustic Lighting Radiance Inspired by Nature

Unique lodge furniture and cabin accents can help you create a natural look or wild outdoor theme, but elegant rustic lighting is what sets the mood. Give your home the rustic ambiance of a mountain resort with our extraordinary collection of beautifully designed rustic lighting.

In addition to this, we offer a dazzling collection of superbly designed rustic chandeliers, rustic lamps, rustic pendant lighting, rustic vanity lighting, and more. Our rustic lighting comes straight to you from premier manufacturers and designers such as Colorado Dallas, Meyda Tiffany, Shadow Mountain, and Avalanche Ranch. You can shop with confidence knowing our rustic lighting features are the same designs that grace the finest lodges and country homes across America. Whether you prefer western, country, north woods, antler, or mountain themed lighting, our rustic lighting collection has everything you need to illuminate your rustic home, lodge, cabin, or cottage.


A Guide to Rustic Lighting

Not everyone is a fan of big bright lights. Sometimes everyone wants to get away from the present and go back to a quiet time. Relax after a long and stressful day at work, retreat to a quiet corner in a calm atmosphere quite. A relaxing atmosphere at home is important to enable one to unwind. The décor of a house or cabin plays an important role in bringing a certain feel to the place. The décor also decides the look of the house: modern, rustic, traditional. To get a very natural and rural look for your place, you can go the rustic way.

Cabin getaways can be nicely done up with rustic furniture and lighting. Not just cabins, you can get rustic lighting in your house as well. Soft rustic lighting gives a very serene glow to a room. This kind of lighting gives one the feeling of sitting in the lap of nature. Not only does rustic lighting emit a special kind of warmth, it also gives a person the feeling of having traveled back in time to a quieter time; a feeling of getting away from the madness of everyday life.


What Kind of Light Should You Go in For?

The look and décor of a room should be kept in mind while buying rustic lighting. The lighting should complement the furniture and decoration of the room. Choosing the wrong kind of light will make the room look odd and mismatched. Here too, size matters. Choose the right sized light based on the size of the room. For a big room, say a living room, a chandelier is better than a lamp or lantern. Chandeliers give a classy feel to the room. They also provide even lighting to the entire room; an effect that you would not get if you used multiple lights. Choose the size of the chandelier depending on the height of the ceiling as well. If you have a very high ceiling, go in for a tiered chandelier.

For a smaller room, wall sconces or ceiling lights will do the job better. These can be fitted in multiple parts of the room. This way, one can also use only those lights that are needed. One can save energy and also bring down that huge electricity bill. For a bedroom or for writing desks, rustic lamps suit the bill perfectly. If you want to use rustic lighting for the outside of your house, go in for a lantern. This will give the house a very raw, old time look. There are also rustic lights made specifically for bathrooms. They come in a variety of shapes, designs and lengths.


What Makes it Rustic?

Rustic lights are made of different materials. Materials like wood and wrought iron are used to make rustic lamps. These materials are what give the lights their rustic look. Many chandeliers are made out of wrought iron in elaborate designs. Real antlers as well as faux antlers are also used to make lamps and chandeliers. No better way than this to bring the essence of wilderness into one's home. A wide choice of lights and lighting fixtures made of different kinds of wood is available Sometimes the wood is not polished fully to give it that fresh forest feel. Other metals like copper and brass give a brilliantly old rustic feel.


Rustic Styles and Designs

Rustic lighting aims to recreate the feel of nature and wilderness indoors. The designs and styles, therefore, are very wilderness oriented. Animal shapes are most popular with rustic lighting. Shapes and carvings of bears, antelopes, horses, dogs, cats, birds, pine trees and wagons dominate much of the rustic lighting world. Themes based on the wild west are also very commonly found on rustic lights.

One can find the perfect rustic lights by paying attention to functionality as well. Consider the place and usage of the lights. If the lights are merely for decorative purposes, you can go in for an elaborately styled light. For example, one may go in for vanity lights above one's dresser for decorative purposes. While the lights may be used occasionally, they are mainly there for ornate reasons. If the light is to be used regularly, choosing a simpler design which emits more light is a wise choice like bathroom lights or table lamps. The color of the lights are also important aspects to consider. The color of the light should go well with the color of the room and should not look unnatural. If in doubt, always consult somebody who can guide you with the right kind of lights. 

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