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If you enjoying living a rustic lifestyle, chances are you spend as much time in the great outdoors as you do in your rustic home. And with Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor's great selection of rustic outdoor decor, you can have the same level of style, comfort, and warmth in your backyard or outdoor space as you do inside your home. You'll appreciate the unique designs and quality craftsmanship of your beautiful rustic yard and garden decor, rustic wind chimes, birdhouses, mailboxes, and more. Our rustic outdoor decor will dress up your front or backyard, patio, porch, and more. We have all the exterior decorating items and ideas you need to show off your love of the outdoors to your friends and neighbors in true style.

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16 Dinner Triangle
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Labrador Thermometer Clock
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Large Bell with Pheasant
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Metal & Glass Fish Windchime At Rocky Mountain Decor
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Oak Leaf Nature Hook
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Oak Leaf Tea Lantern
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When we heard about a non-typical buck that was sportin' some divine headgear that was said to look like a cross, we decided to put our best efforts towards finding this "Holy Shed". Well, to our surprise the rumor has become legend!

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Whitetail Thermometer Clock
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A Guide to Buying Rustic Outdoor Décor:

In this fast paced world, people get stressed out and require a home in which they can relax and spend time peacefully. Embracing the nature is one of the ways of relaxing, More so for those nature lovers who enjoy nothing better than the view and solitude of nature. the outdoor area of our home , most often our  lawns, gardens or a nearby park  serve as our escape into the wilderness. Though a garden or lawn is not a replica of a forest yet carefully done one can give some respite to the nature lovers. The decoration could be modern, traditional or rustic.Creating a gathering area for your family and friends outdoors is an excellent way to spend time enjoying the nature. 

Rustic décor can surely make you feel high in the outdoor as it goes along with the nature. Rustic theme which uses a lot of wood, adds on to the atmosphere with its smell. Rustic furniture are simply designed using sticks, twigs or logs for a natural look. These decorations can be varied according to personal interests and the outdoor space.

·         Go Natural:

Rustic décor means employing natural wood and sticks. They can be used in various styles and designs. The quality of wood varies according to your taste and budget. But, country type rustic wood can be used in variety of designs. If the outdoor space is large enough then a swing or glider can be a perfect décor for outdoor setting. Imagine a swing of wood instead of a steel or metal one; it would really be different experience using it. Also rustic porches and benches can be extension of a home often used for family gatherings. 


·         Theme of the Outdoor Décor:

The theme or style used in décor can expose a person’s interests. Think of the space your outdoor provides you. Calculate your expenditure. Ordinary décor involves benches, chairs, tables etc. Depending upon your budget one can also go for more expensive ones.  Care should be taken to make the décor suit the surroundings.  If you want a different look, then these rustic decors can be designed in a unique style according to your choice and preference.

·         Right Material:

The right material for your décor can be wood, pine, polished wood, teak, cedar etc. For the rustic feel, country wood is best and it is also easily mend able. They really bring a rustic feeling to your outdoor. The other woods are sophisticated and decently priced. Hence, personal tastes play a major role in selecting a wood for décor.

·         Structure:

The decors like swing, bench, chairs etc., have to be placed in a proper way. Table surrounded by chairs can be used for group sitting. Swings in the other corners can provide enough solitude for enjoying the nature. Build a campfire, have a sing-along etc., in the evenings can really regenerate your energy and also improve your social relations.

·         Decoration:

Accessorizing these décor with candles, baskets, frames, wildflowers and vases, rugs can increase the flavor of your outdoor décor.  Traditional furniture as well as decoration will give your house the emotions of warmth and coziness that you long for.

Since it is outdoors there is no need of worrying out about the lighting aspect. Design the outdoor as green as possible i.e, grow the grass, herbs and shrubs are the best. Plants make you feel aesthetic and also make you fall in love with nature. Use the different types of woods to give a different look to your décor. Historical influence in designing them will further add to their charm. Decorating the outdoor of your home in the rustic style will help you connect with the nature.

Once you have decided to incorporate the rustic element into your lawn or garden, it is important that you contemplate as to what you would like the place to be used as—as your personal retreat in the nature’s lap or an area for entertainment with family and friends or perhaps both.

It also equally important to take into the weather conditions of the area in which you live. For instance, in cold climates having and outdoor space will require heating and will remain unused for a large part of the year. Hence, it is more practical to have an outdoor area  in more warmer climes.

Budget and time are the other extremely important criteria that have to be worked upon before initiating the process of decorating your home. However, it is always better for those who have constraint of both time and money at their disposal to go in for the rustic décor as it is relatively easy on your pocket and requires less time and effort too. And with a little creativity one can do wonders with your outdoor décor.


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