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Your most precious family pictures and outdoor photos deserve high-quality protection and framing. Our rustic picture frames are just what you need to display your favorite memories and keep them in good condition for years to come. Exhibit your best prints and portraits in our wonderful hanging picture frames and standing photo frames. Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor carries a wide assortment of frames made with a variety of quality materials, including reclaimed barn wood, birch bark, authentic leather, and willow twigs. These rustic frames won't just complement your pictures or rustic art; they'll also add a lovely touch all their own to your home's rustic or western design. Don't keep all the photos of your outdoor adventures and family excursions tucked away in a box or stored on your computer. Display them around your lodge, cabin, or home in the perfect rustic picture frames, and let your friends and guests see what true rustic living is all about.

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Buying Guide to Rustic Picture Frames

Remember that olden era where your granny's house used to have those precious family pictures framed in a wooden antique frame? More than the picture, it's sometimes the rustic picture frame that catches your eye. These beautifully hand-crafted frames makes your pictures stand out in the entire room highlighting its beauty and timelessness. Choosing the right frame is very critical as this will accentuate the classiness of pictures very differently from contemporary digital frames. From wall hanging frames to mantelpiece ones, antique rustic frames add a charm in your living room. Here is a short guide on how to buy rustic picture frames.

Type of Finish

More often than not, the antiqueness of the frame is highlighted even more if it is in a wooden finish. This will complement perfectly with the décor and ambiance. From barnwood, maple, cherry to log, you will get a variety of choice from in the wooden picture frame category. You will be surprised to know that different kinds of wood portray a unique look to not just the photograph but also to the ambiance of the room. You may also use wrought iron frames in darker tones which will also accentuate the beauty of black-and-white photographs. These frames imbue both modernity and antiquity to the pictures. Other materials with a rustic or country feel would be denim or leather.

Type of Room

The type of frame used also depends on where the frame would be placed. If the décor of your room is more rustic, wooden frames would blend in better and highlight the entire theme better. The type of frame used would also vary on the placement of the frame. You may prefer to use wrought iron frames for wall hangings while wooden frames could be better suited for mantel pieces. In addition, the type of photograph also defines the choice of the frame. Horizontal pictures would look better in a wooden frame while vertical photographs are highlighted more strongly in a wrought iron frame.


If you are an outdoorsy person, you would associate better when the design of the frame has a rustic unfinished feel to it. Cherish those excursions and treks that you took with your family and friends in beautifully hand-crafted wooden frames that have a simple earthy design and look sophisticated and classy when placed on your living room mantelpiece. Flashy and ostentatious designs would not go well with your personality and give a garish look to you house. You can also choose frames that have some external artwork like farm animals or trees to set your pictures apart.

Size of the Frame

Needless to say the size of the frame would depend on the size of the photograph. But what if you pick a beautiful rustic frame first before choosing the picture? In this scenario, mentally imagine the placement of the frame. Which room would you like to put the frame? How high on the wall do you ideally want the frame to be? Will you use it as a single frame or as a set of frames? You may like to use a large frame with a bold thick border for a large blank wall as a single piece or a cluster of mini frames on a fireplace mantle.


Identify the type of existing furniture and décor that you have at your home. Make sure that you match the color, design and material of the frame with the theme of the room whether it is the color of the curtains or the fabric of the couch. Symmetric theme across your home will make you achieve your desired ambiance. You can also color co-ordinate the frame with your lamps, rugs and other home décor.


It may seem that all you need to do is to buy the frame, put the photograph inside it and admire it from time to time. Cleaning and maintaining the frame is equally important. If you are using a wooden frame, keep in mind that using a wet cloth will hamper the wood of the frame. Use a soft flannel cloth to wipe the frame from time to time to avoid any dust formation to happen. In case you are using a wrought iron frame, use a gentle cleaning agent and water to clean the frame. Leather and denim frame might be more difficult to maintain and might need dry cleaning.


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