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Nothing says country comfort and style like a beautifully handcrafted quilt. Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor carries a marvelous collection of rustic quilts and quilted blanket designs to keep both you and your bed warm and cozy all year round. A beautiful quilt isn't just for staying warm, however; it can also be an artful addition to your collection of country home decor or western bedroom accessories. This is why our quilt collection includes only the finest hand-stitched country quilts, patchwork quilts, and quilt-style bedding on the market. All of our rustic quilts also coordinate with our rustic bedding collections and much of our other rustic bedding accessories, making it easy for you to put together a complete, and completely comfortable, country or western bedroom look.

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Bear Country Bedding Ensemble
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Bear Creek Bedding Ensemble
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Cabin Bedding Ensemble
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Call of the Wild Bedding Ensemble
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Cedar Trail Bedding Ensemble
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Ducks Bedding Ensemble
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Fly Fishin Bedding Ensemble
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Forest Log Cabin Bedding Ensemble
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Gone Fishin Bedding Ensemble
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Harvest Log Cabin Bedding Ensemble
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Lil YeeHaw Crib Bedding Ensemble
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Natures Splendor Bedding Ensemble
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Pinecone Bedding Ensemble
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$239.95 - $469.95
Red Log Cabin Bedding Ensemble
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The Loon Bedding Ensemble
$319.95 - $629.95
The Moose Bedding Ensemble
$319.95 - $629.95
Wolf Bedding Ensemble
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Wolf Trail Bedding Ensemble
$319.95 - $629.95

Buying Guide - Rustic Quilts

Our bedrooms are a simply a heaven on earth. After that tiring and exhausting day, everyone wants a peaceful place to rest. And it is undoubtedly the bedroom. Bedrooms should be pleasant, simple and appealing. It is not only important to make the bedrooms a perfect place to rest in but also a place where one loves to stay, because of its atmosphere. To create this soothing atmosphere, it is a must that you choose the perfect bedding.

Having good bedding simply does not just mean adding in an element of comfort to your bed. It also includes various ideas that you might use to style it. Quilts are a great way to enhance the beauty as well as comfort of your bed. When it comes to purchasing quilts, it is important that you consider those that blend well with your overall décor theme. If you have a country-side or rustic theme in place, the rustic quilts will be just appropriate for your bedroom. These rustic quilts have a raw look and appeal that provide a warm feeling. Here are some aspects to consider while purchasing rustic quilts -

Theme is the Primary Aspect of Consideration

The décor theme of your bedroom or the bedding is of the upmost concern when you are looking to buy the quilts for your bedroom. Rustic quilts usually look good with most décor themes but they are just perfect when used with the country-side theme. Moreover, the rustic quilts are ideal to create a very authentic feel in your bedroom, making the bedroom a perfect place to dwell.

Comfort of the Quilts Should Not Be Compromised

Ensure that considering the theme, you are not neglecting the comfort of the quilts. The rustic quilts you choose should be very comfortable and finely constructed. Preferably, the rustic quilts you choose should be of cotton. This is because these quilts are very comfortable and soothing. In case you do not find quilts of cotton from the rustic bedding collection, you can go for any other material that is soft and comfortable.

Where You Are Going To Use the Quilts

The quilts of the rustic theme are not limited to be used in the bedrooms only. These days one can easily find quilts that are used as throws, on the sofas or love seats, adding in a style factor to them. These kind of rustic quilts are much lighter in weight, softer in fabric and very soothing. Reviews state that these are very similar to shawls. This is because these rustic quilts have a special feature of acting according to the climate. If the climate is very chilly outside, these quilts give your body the complete warmth you need. Likewise, during the hot climates, they give you coolness.

The Rustic Quilt Should Be Easy To Use and Maintain

One of the most important aspects of a quilt is to have good functionality and durability. These factors are only fulfilled when the rustic quilts you choose are machine washable and stay tough even after frequent washes. It is important that when you wash these rustic quilts, they neither should fade nor tear off. The material should be so fine that it does not make any kind of difference to the quilt.

Selecting Unique Patterns and Colors

Another thing that you have to consider to make your quilt go perfect with your bedding is the kind of patterns and colors you select. The patterns and colors of the rustic quilts should go well with your bedding and bedroom décor. In this context, try to be unique and creative. Choose something that is really impressive and truly stands out. Also you can go for other combinations, provided, you do not make your quilts look odd, resulting in spoiling the concept of décor.

Select the Best Rustic Quilt of a Good Brand

When you want durable, comfortable and high quality rustic quilts, it is better that you go for something that not only looks great but is also produced with best techniques. Choose branded quilts of the rustic theme. The internet will help you in doing so. There are many sites online that deal in the sale of very qualitative brands of home furnishings. You can make appropriate researches and purchase according to your preference. In a way, the online shopping will make you learn about the various options available and also will make your shopping completely effortless.

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