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Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor offers a spectacular collection of western bedding ensembles to turn any bedroom into a true wild west retreat. Our western bedding collections include artfully crafted quilts, wonderfully soft plaid and fleece blankets, beautiful duvets, pillow shams, and more. We carry a huge variety of western bedding sets in every theme imaginable, making it easy for you to find the perfect expression of your outdoor passions and personal style. You can complete your ranch bedroom styling by combining these western bedding ensembles with our western pillows, western throws, and other fine western accessories from our western decor collections. Whether you're a seasoned cowboy or simply passionate about Wild West lore and style, we have the perfect western bedding for your ranch home or western wilderness retreat.

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Barbwire Bedding Ensemble
$239.95 - $329.95
Barbwire Sheet Sets, copper
$98.95 - $148.95
Bella Vista Ensemble
$295.95 - $385.95
$644.95 - $893.95
Cheyenne Ruby Bedding Ensemble
$329.95 - $429.95
Cheyenne Turquoise Bedding Ensemble
$329.95 - $429.95
Cowhide Bedding Ensemble
$259.95 - $349.95
$284.95 - $344.95
$779.95 - $989.95
Flying Horse Twin Bedding Ensemble
$84.95 - $399.95
$284.95 - $338.95
Galeana Ensemble
$1,738.95 - $2,032.95
$629.95 - $914.95
Galeana Eurosham
Was: $105.00
Now: $87.95
Galeana Eurosham Alt.
Was: $315.00
Now: $262.95
Gold Rush Twin Bedding Ensemble
$84.95 - $399.95
Gold Rush King 7-piece Bedding Comforter
Was: $499.95
Now: $399.95
Gold Rush Twin 5-piece Bedding Comforter
Was: $329.95
Now: $289.95
$404.95 - $584.95
Hudson Eurosham
Was: $183.00
Now: $151.95
Laredo Bedding Ensemble - Tan
$258.95 - $358.95
$284.95 - $329.95
Las Cruces Ensemble
$1,967.95 - $2,227.95
$794.95 - $1,079.95
Las Cruces Eurosham
Was: $204.00
Now: $171.95
Las Cruces Eurosham Alt
Was: $225.00
Now: $187.95
Luxury Star Bedding Ensemble
$209.95 - $269.95
Montana King 7-piece Bedding Comforter
Was: $499.95
Now: $399.95
Montana Queen 7-piece Bedding Comforter
Was: $459.95
Now: $359.95
Montana Twin 5-piece Bedding Comforter
Was: $329.95
Now: $289.95
Mora Ensemble
$1,099.95 - $1,224.95
Mora Duvet
$659.95 - $914.95
$269.95 - $419.95
$919.95 - $1,059.95
Shadow Riders Throw
Was: $199.95
Now: $159.95
Sierra Twin Bedding Ensemble
$84.95 - $399.95
Sierra King 7-piece Bedding Comforter
Was: $499.95
Now: $399.95
Sierra Queen 7-piece Bedding Comforter
Was: $459.95
Now: $359.95
Sierra Twin 5-piece Bedding Comforter
Was: $329.95
Now: $289.95
$269.95 - $419.95
Socorro Eurosham Alt
Was: $165.00
Now: $137.95
$139.95 - $169.95
Tombstone Ensemble
$639.95 - $799.95
Tombstone Eurosham Alt
Was: $174.00
Now: $146.95
Wrangler Bedding Ensemble
$239.95 - $329.95
Wyoming Twin Bedding Ensemble
$84.95 - $399.95
Wyoming queen 7-piece bedding comforter.
Was: $459.95
Now: $359.95
Wyoming Twin 5-piece Bedding Comforter
Was: $329.95
Now: $289.95
$269.95 - $379.95
$799.95 - $889.95
$149.95 - $159.95

A Buying Guide on Western Bedding:

Bedding is an important component for any home decor. As you spend your entire night on the bed sleeping comfortably, great bedding is what makes the difference. After a long day at work, most of us look to gather some peace in a relaxing ambience in our homes and to be more precise, in our bedrooms.  And for that, you need proper bedding which can offer you the kind of relaxation you desire.

Bedding should not just be comfortable but also complement your décor theme. Western bedding is simply ideal when you are looking at decorating your home with the western theme décor.  Selecting the right western bedding depends on what type of bed you actually have. For instance, if you have a king sized bed, be sure to purchase bedding that is appropriate for it. Similarly, you should opt for bedding of the appropriate size if you have a smaller twin or full sized bed. Hence, you may be confused when you are in the market looking for the perfect western bedding for your guestroom or bedroom. Here is a little buying guide that you can follow to purchase the perfect western bedding for your bedroom or for your home.


Comforters are typically designed in a way so they provide comfort while sleeping. While it is true that most of us feel relaxed when we lie on our beds, it is the satisfaction of a good night’s sleep that will make all the difference. This is the reason why you must pay special attention to the kind of comforter you purchase with your bedding.

Comforters can be purchased in sets or individually. This means that you can even purchase entire western bedding set which includes comforters, pillows and quilts. Or you can even go for individual comforters in different colors matching your bed linen. With the individual comforters, you can select from various colors and patterns. The bottom line is that you should take appropriate measurements of your bed while purchasing these comforters so that they provide utmost level of comfort.


This is the best part of shopping when it comes to purchasing western bedding. Searching for sheets for your bed will provide a great theme for your entire room. But most importantly, whatever sheets you select, they must match the other bed items as well. At Rocky Mountain Décor you will discover amazing sheets which will cover your bed in comfort. Some of them have wild animal prints, flower prints and natural prints. Hence, it depends on you as which bed sheet themes can be selected.


Coming to the next interesting part of purchasing the complete western bedding set, pillows are one of the most delightful bedding items. You can select a design that perfectly matches the rest of your bedding, or go for a bright contrast in color or pattern. There are a multitude of different shapes and sizes that can lend visual appeal to your room. Nothing looks more luxurious than a mound of pillows gathered on the bed.

Bed Skirts:

Bed Skirts are small pieces of cloth surrounding the entire bed. They are specially designed to cover the area under and around your bed. They are available in different types of colors and fabrics. Due to which, while purchasing bed sheets and comforters, the option is to purchase the bed skirts at the same time. This will let you select the appropriate ones made of right fabric matching your bed sheets and comforters. An added advantage is that you can store things beneath the bed without being noticeable to others and still being easy to access.

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