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You don't have to be a ranch owner or cowboy to enjoy living in an authentic Western-style home. With Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor's grand collection of western decor, you can easily create a unique Western home, whether you live out on the plains, in the countryside, or in the big city. We make it simple for you to enjoy the satisfying task of shopping for unique cowboy decor, western furniture, western art, southwestern decorations, and all the accessories you need to turn your house into a true home on the range. We provide you with a wealth of decorating ideas, distinctive western artwork, and vintage decor. Our western decor gallery includes a large selection of western lighting, western rugs, western bathroom decor, and more. We also have tons of great gift ideas for any stylish cowhand or Old West enthusiast.  

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Cowboy Style in Western Furnishings

Whether your abode is a lavish ranch or humble bunkhouse, your passion for western decor stems from a love for the Old West and a cowboy way of life. We have a complete herd of western home decor ideas to make your western decorating job effortless.

Whether you're living the free life of a ranch hand, run your own homestead or simply dream of living that way of life, we have the western décor that will fit with your taste and style. And with our vast selection, you can fix every room in your home. From the bedroom to your porch, we have the items that will help you create your dream western home. Cowboy-up your room with items like western bedding, window coverings, lighting and other products. Living rooms will take on the feel of a lodge or saloon with western décor like chandeliers, ceiling lights, floor lamps, sconces and desk lights. Keep your den nice and toasty with western fireplace screens, and set the ambiance with candle holders in cowboy styles. Other accents include throw pillows, cozy throws, photo frames, clocks, western rugs and western art like cowboy prints, sculptures and metal pieces.

A Buying Guide to Western Décor:

Extensive use of natural materials like wood, metal, stone and leather, along with some use of wool, birch bark, beads and antlers, is the key to decorating your home in the western style. However before you initiate the process of decorating your house, it is important to remember that your home a reflection of your personality hence, you must try to use it as an opportunity to show those aspects of yourself which others might be largely unaware of.

Most often walls and furniture in a western theme are of soft and neutral colors making it extremely significant to use accessories and colors in a manner that the mood and ambience of the home or room is enhanced. Decorative articles like rugs, lamps, side table decorations, pillows, wall art and the like; all should be used to further the desired ambience of the rooms.

Add Color:

Throwing a few pillow here and couple of cushions there can give a certain degree of flexibility, and giving the sofa some bright vibrant colors or a bold design can have a dramatic effect on the room—making it your choice to set the mood of your room as wild or mild.

Colors are important aspect of the decoration process and should be used with caution. For homes with western décor wood, gray, black metal and browns work best when coordinated with walls, rugs or wall hangings. The fabrics usually used in these homes are rough and textures and may vary from leather, suede, denim, wool even fur. In addition, vintage ottoman, old and battered farming tools, weathered Indian blankest all make themselves at home in a western styled home.

Western Pillows

Cost Effective Re-Do Theme:

An important aspect of western style of home decoration is that it is hardly a time taking process and more importantly is easy on your pocket too as it usually involves redecorating a room without disposing off the old stuff or shelling out lots of bucks for new articles. For example, having the living room or any other common area in any neutral color of whites and off-whites, and then complementing it with decorative trimmings in colors like sky blue or forest green or any other that might contrast with the neutral colors.

One can also change the look of the room by simply changing the table decoration or the covers of pillows and cushions. One can also keep aside some articles that can be used or displayed only on certain occasions or when some special guests are expected to visit.


Bedrooms in a western styled home will be essentially masculine without compromising on the warmth and coziness of your home. Native American motif, denim, rough woolen blankets or any other western motif should be chosen.

Laredo Bedding Ensemble - Black


Most often, in our hurry to decorate the walls and interiors of our home, we neglect the floors, which need to be dressed up just as much as the walls. For floors, mostly hardwood is used. Plank flooring and recycled floor boards can also be used to give the floors a touch of authenticity to your room.

Using Rugs:

Area rugs and accent rugs can efficiently hide the imperfections on you flooring and also make your home look attractive. While area rugs can be under tables or before a sofa and accent rug come handy wherever there is a need to add some color of make bold statement, such as bookshelves or fireplaces. Rugs can be of real of faux furs, sheepskin, leather shag or those which are theme based.

Add a Welcoming Feel:

Using western décor to make your home inviting to you and others is all about creativity. Placing small sculptures or figurines on the tables or in side cabinets or shelves are sure to get you some compliments. Using frames for photos, drawings, maps and even board games can be used to cover up the bare spaces on the wall. Likewise rugs with scenery or animals also make wonderful wall-hangings.

Western Clocks

A western styled home should incorporate log and twig accent, beading, leather fraying, old radio, saddle bags, old rusted pail and any other old and worn out article  to give the vintage look to the house.

One can get plenty of decorating idea from a number of different sources like websites, online catalogue and magazines. One can also ask family members and friends for their ideas and suggestions. One can also get ample creative ideas just by visiting different places or get inspired by places one spent his or her  vacations visiting relatives in the country. A neighbor or a friend’s house may also infuse some ideas. However it is also better not to copy anyone’s idea. Instead one must try to create one‘s own unique decorative style.



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