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We appreciate your true cowboy style and your need for authentic western furniture. Your home deserves to be furnished with superior western furnishings to match your discerning taste. You can shop knowing our elegant leather and cowhide furniture adorn the very finest ranches across the West. Your vintage bedroom, dining room or cowboy themed office deserves nothing short of the foremost in fashionable southwest sophistication. Rocky Mountain Western Decor is your ultimate one-stop western furniture store. We offer an exceptional selection of luxurious western furnishings, from western beds and western chests to western dining tables and western sofas. Get all the artfully crafted ranch style furniture you need to create the western home design of your dreams. 

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Whether you have a taste for the great outdoors, a longing to live like the cowboys in the west or simply want to add a little bit of rustic décor to your home, we offer a range of western furniture that you can pick and choose from. You can decorate a specific room – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room – or your entire home with these pieces. The choice is up to you! Rooms like the kitchen and den are often where people gather to spend a lot of time together. Pieces like dining room tables, chairs, bar stools and other home bar furniture give larger groups the ability to assemble and have a place to comfortably sit and talk. Create a western-themed living room with sofas, ottomans, western cabinets, bookshelves and club chairs. Accent pieces like end tables, hand-painted dividers and coffee tables are practical as well as decorative. 


A Buying Guide to Western Furniture

Also known as log cabin, mountain, ranch or pioneer style decorating, the western style is becoming very popular. This style incorporates the use of natural materials like log, animal hide and antlers, leather, unpolished stone, metals and a lot of bare wood. It also uses a lot of natural materials like suede, leather, weave and denim. Prints which have native american, cowboy or mexican motifs are very commonly used in this style. Like rustic furniture, western furniture too associates itself with earthy shades of green, brown and red. In some cases, one may even notice the use of colors like slate grey, dark blues and pastel shades of yellow and cream.

Western style furniture is gaining fast popularity. It was first created during the estabilishment of the National Service Park, but soon spread to all parts of the world. Thus, it was originally called ‘Parkitecture’. The idea behind parkitecture was to use as much of the indegious raw material available. Western style furniture symbolises the rural creations, hand-made by pioneers. It  usually has a rugged characteristic to it. It is very heavy but simple in design. Log furniture, especially, is symboic of the western décor style.

As mentioned before, western style furniture is majorly found in wood. There are, however, a great many species of woods from which it is created. Some of the popularly used ones are poplar (prhaps, the most popular), hickory, ash, pine, oak and birch. But, the biggest influence on western furniture is “Adirondack” wood, that is found in the northern part of the state of New York. This is, however, a rare wood and its use is highly controlled, to prevent its depletion. Burl is another rare wood that is used in the manufacture of western furniture. It is actually created from the existence of certain deformities in a tree’s trunk, caused by mold and infestation by insects.

The western style of decoration comes with its own set of benefits. Read below to learn about a few.

·         This style of furniture is easily adoptable and can be created without much time, effort or expense.

·         It gives a warm and comfortable feeling to a living space.

·         It can be done as elaborately as you want, but you can afford to create it in almost any budget.

·         At the end of a busy day, we would like to come home to a natural environment which brings in much of the outdoors too. Western style furniture helps achieve that.

·         Most of the materials used in creating the western style furniture is eco-friendly and natural.

·         It is durable and sturdy.

·         It is easy to maintain and clean.

The western look usually incorporates the use of log furniture. The idea is to make the home look like a cosy log cabin. Log furniture has long since been praised for its strength and durablility.  Another material that is commonly used in the western décor is leather. Furniture made or upholstered in leather adds a great touch to this look. Cast iron and wrought iron are some more favourites. However, it is very important to choose the one which is most practical for you. 

Kitchen Furniture- Log furniture is perfect for kitchen bar stools, tables, counter tops and cabinets. The wood can even be salvaged from something else, like an old fence. Leather is not a good idea in the kitchen, especially if you have children in the house. Though it looks great, it is known to tear, fade and warp. However, faux leather is a very efficient substitute. Not only does it look exactly like leather, it is also very easy to clean and maintain. Furniture in the kitchen is advised to be kept simple.


Bedroom Furniture-  The best way to creat that perfect western ambience in your room, is to invest in a nice big log wood bed. Leaving the wood grain exposed will add a unique grandeur to the décor.  Cupboards and drawers can be made of red wood or oak wood. You can also include an old, cast iron clothes stand and a warm arm chair in the corner.


Bathroom Furniture- With the increasing popularity of the look, western furniture is being manufactured for every room of the house- even the bathroom! Wooden sinks and bathtubs with sealers are easily available today. You can also incorporate a cast iron bath tub, if your décor permits.

While buying western furniture, remember that the internet is as much an option as a retail store. It gives you a greater variety and better deals. However, ensure you buy from a trusted website.


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