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It doesn't have to be hunting season for you to enjoy the rugged comfort and design of our wonderful camo bedding. Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor's camouflage bedding is a perfect choice for any hunting lodge, backwoods retreat, or mountain home. Our camouflage bedding ensemble includes luxuriously comfortable camo pillows, camo blankets, camo sheets, and more, all in an authentic camouflage pattern that will have you dreaming of the thrill of the hunt all year round. Dress up your bedroom with this beautiful camo bedding, and turn your lodge or cabin into a real sportsman's haven.

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For every hunter, camper or wildlife enthusiast, here’s another way to bring the great outdoors straight into your bedroom. Camouflage bedding, better known as ‘camo’ bedding,  is one of the most popular beddings available today. The camo theme has a variety of styles to it and promises something for everyone. A camouflage bedding set would typically include bedsheets, bedspreads, cushion covers, pillow covers, throws, blankets, duvets and sometimes, even curtains. All these pieces of beddings could be designed according to a multitude of scenes. From somethings as simple as stripes to something a little more detailed, like a safari or underwater camouflage, this style of bedding is available in all sorts of styles.

Mentioned below, are a few of the main reasons for the popularity boost for camo bedding styles.

·         Camo bedding is extremely affordable. In fact, it is one of the cheapest beddings available in the market today. What makes them even more budget friendly is the fact that they become the focal points in most rooms. Thus, the rest of the room can be decorated with very simple and inexpensive furniture.

·         Another big advantage is that camo bedding sets come in a full package of everything you could need for your bed. This eliminates the need for you to make endless trips to various stores, searching for single pieces of bedding.

·         Camo bedding comes in a variety of styles. Especially now, with the growing popularity of this style, bedding is available in a number of different styles.

·         It is also available in numerous colours, patterns and materials.

·         If you have children in the house, camo bedding is ideal for them. This is particularly true because it is great for hiding stains, as it usually comes in dark colours.

As mentioned earlier, camo bedding is ideal for any person, not just hunters. Read on to know how you can decorate every room in your house with camo bedding, according to your personal taste.

For the Children’s Bedroom

If your child is into hunting or wildlife, decorating his bedroom with this bedding is the best and cheapest encouragement you can give him.Camouflage bedding is available in the tradtional military design but in a variety of fun color combinations. Choose bright colors for your kid’s bedroom. Girls may prefer pinks and purples in their rooms, while boys may enjoy shades of blue.  Also, it is available in fairy tale and cartoon themes as well.  Since a child’s skin is sensitive, most camo bedding sets are made from hypoallergenic material like silk, wool and cotton. The only caution one has to take is to ensure that the walls are a neutral colour before purchasing a bright, vivid bedding set. Bunk beds are the best option for the kid’s room.

For the Nursery

The mossy oak look is one of the most popular camo designs for the nursery. This style incorporates as much of the forest as it can, to create a natural, outdoorsy environment in your home. Camo bedding is also available in baby colors like pastel shades of pink, blue, green and yellow. Curtains in contrasting or complementing colors can be hung from the windows, provided they blend with the paint on the walls.

For the Master Bedroom

The most recommended and widely used version of camo bedding in adult bedrooms is the use of bold colors. Tan sheets and pillow cases look classy and elegant, while being very easy to mix and match with almost any other colours you may have in the room. One can add pillows and cushions in varyiing shades of brown or rust, and pile them along the head of the bed. Pillow shams, comforters, throws and blankets in camouflage patterns would make for the perfect contrasting effect. If you want something a little more sublte, you could replace the camouflage blanket or quilt for an olive green one.

Read on to find out about the various types of camo bedding sets. This might make your purchase easier.

Camouflage sets are available in fleece, made from the sheep’s wool. This bedding is extremely soft, comfortable and to an extent, hypoallergenic too.

Satin and silk camo sets are smoother and silkier. These are slightly more expensive than the rest. They can either be manufactured naturally or synthetically.

Though usually very affordable, camo bedding sets come in a variety of price ranges. This price may differ on the basis of brand, material, design or size. Three- piece sets which include two pillow shams and one comforter are the cheapest available option. On the other hand, a four- piece set would include a dust ruffle.


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